'Baby Daddy' Father's Day Card Is Target's Latest Misstep, Company Apologizes

Target is finding itself in some hot water this week after a Father’s Day card that was sold by the retailer was deemed inappropriate and insensitive.

Target has been known for their extremely inclusive products and ethical campaigns, particularly towards the LGBTQ+ community, however, they seem to have missed the mark this Father’s Day. A card depicting a black couple, with bold red writing in the center of the card that read: “Baby Daddy”, has been pulled off of their shelves. The card was met with many negatives reviews. Many people took to social media to voice their distaste for the card, mentioning how it is both “insensitive” and in “poor taste”.

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It didn’t take too long for Target to issue an apology for selling the Father’s Day card. They announced this past Thursday that they would be removing the product from their shelves. This all began after a customer shared a photo of the card earlier this month which didn’t sit well with many. The customer, Takeisha Saunders, told ABC News that she had come across the card while shopping at Target in Rockwall, Texas.

Saunders, who is an African American woman, told the media outlet that there were many other cards that she viewed as less offensive, but only featured white couples. “There was no other option”, she said. “My disappointment was that it was the only card that featured a black couple. There was not any other black husband cards or anything like that”.

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Saunders continued to stress that there were countless cards featuring white fathers with captions saying things like “My dad’s my hero”, but the only card that featured a black man was depicting him as a “Baby Daddy”, yikes! The shopper instantly turned to her social media account to share a pic of the card, writing: “You CANNOT be serious Target!!!! Really?”

What was intended to be a "playful card" (said a Target spokesperson), turned into a disaster real fast. We hope Target can continue with its inclusive campaigns, and that this didn’t put too much of a damper on anyone’s Father’s Day!


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