My Baby Daughter Makes Me Feel Beautiful

Before I had children, I had a fairly average self-perception of my physical body. I liked most of my body, felt some parts could be better, but didn't feel so pressured to throw myself into changing my body to fit in. Still, I felt comfortable in my own skin. My pregnancy with my son changed my body in surprising and lasting ways. After he was born, it almost felt like I was the old me walking around in a totally different body. A year later, I was pregnant again - and two pregnancies back-to-back really took their toll on my body and my confidence. Even with all those physical changes, I'm beginning to feel confident again. And my daughter is why I am able to love myself more fully today than yesterday.

I Want To Set A Good Example For My Daughter

This sweet baby angel is relying on me. Via Stephen Colbert

I was "Team Green" with both my pregnancies; that is, I didn't find out if my child was a boy or girl until they were born. When my son was born, I felt a sense of relief. I was glad that our oldest child was a son, hopeful he could be a protector. But when my daughter was born, I felt an immense responsibility to be her role model as a woman. I want to teach her to be a strong woman, a self-assured woman. She makes me a better woman because she needs me to be a better, more confident woman. Hopefully, she will never have to fight to overcome body insecurities herself!

She Is My Mini-Me

Ok, purely superficial here: my daughter looks exactly like me. It's actually kind of uncanny. Her baby pictures and my baby pictures could probably be confused for one another.

Ok, maybe you don't see it so much here. One day old. Via Amanda Colbert

No. She doesn't look *exactly* like me. She is purely her own person, she just happens to look a lot like me because we share genetics. Remarkably, she is the happiest baby in the entire world. There is a joy, a twinkle in her eye when she looks at you. Something about her gaze makes you feel like you are the most special person in the whole world. This isn't just proud-mom talk! So many people comment on her good cheer and smiley nature, even strangers!

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If my sort-of mini-me can bring so many people joy, and she's clearly so stunning, then it's a good guess that I can be stunning and joyful, too. Yes, it's kind of superficial. Seeing my beautiful baby who looked just like me helped me embrace my own beauty.

My Body Made And Fed Two Beautiful Kids

She's my little speck of stardust - pure magic! Via Stephen Colbert

Part of the beauty of biological motherhood, of bearing children, is the physical wonder of the feat itself. Pregnancy is magical and mysterious, isn't it? A tiny human is growing while the mother's body nourishes it. After their baby is born, some moms choose to breastfeed. Their bodies continue to feed and satisfy their baby's hunger. Stop. Think about that mystical-level epicness! Carrying and birthing two children has made me feel like some sort of feminist self-love goddess.

Having Confidence Of Second Child (Parent Experience)

You live and you learn and then you have a second baby and relearn everything. Via Amanda Colbert

Shep was my first, and he got a first-time mom in all her neuroses and anxieties. I focused on every developmental milestone and worried if I was doing enough for him. Rory came along when I had begun to settle into motherhood. Having a second baby was easier in some ways because I already had experienced a baseline for infancy. While every child is unique, they all share the same basic needs. Having almost two years of parenting experience under my belt helped me feel confident that I could meet these newborn needs for Rory, too.

Feeling myself as the hot mom I am. Via Amanda Colbert

Yes, this sounds superficial and vain and it probably is a little bit. I don't blame you for thinking that. But consider this: beauty is about confidence. Let's be real, my body carries the literal scars of pregnancy. The reality of my postpartum appearance hasn't changed. What's significant is that my daughter, through sheer charisma, has changed the way I perceive myself. And feeling beautiful is something I simply won't apologize for. Especially not when it's a gift from my gorgeous girl.

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