Special Delivery In New York's Times Square: Brothers Help Woman Give Birth To A Healthy Baby Boy

Never a dull moment in New York City folks!

Two brothers were the definition of teamwork making the dream work when they joined forces and delivered a baby in New York City's Times Square. On the 21st of September, the New York Police Department received a call regarding assistance needed at The Westin Hotel. NYPD Officer Yan Kit Poon was the first officer on the scene and what he found when he arrived at the hotel was a woman in the throes of labor. Thankfully for Poon, his EMT younger brother showed up to lend both his brother and the mom-to-be a helping hand.

With only the mother, Heather Smith, and her partner Kristen in their hotel room, the brothers managed to safely deliver the couple's infant in what sounds like a scene out of a movie! The infant, a little boy named Jackson, made his way into the world, and although he was looking pale and a little worse for wear, oxygen helped perk the newborn right up. It turns out the couple knew that labor and delivery was close, so they went to Mount Sinai West Hospital when Heather was in the initial stages of labor. Doctors informed the couple that the baby wasn't quite ready and sent them on their way. The pair checked into the Westin, as opposed to hiking it back home to Astoria, to be closer to the hospital when the time indeed came. Doctors know a whole lot, but babies have a way of making an entrance regardless of what science and medicine says.

The brothers say it's nothing new nor special to run into one another while out on the job, but the delivery a baby together was a first for the bros. The hard-working, helpful siblings even stopped into the local hospital post delivery to check up on the new family and pose for some family pictures. This little girl will have one heck of a birth story to tell her friends when she gets older.

We bet these men's mother is proud as punch over her sons' acts of service.


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