Baby Delivered Outside Of A Starbucks By An Employee

A Starbucks employee was recently called into action so that she could help deliver a baby right outside of the store.

When a mom comes to the end of her pregnancy there is really no telling when she might give birth. Yes, doctors give out a "due date" and most moms know roughly when thier new little boy or girl will arrive, but aside from sitting at home and waiting for between two and four weeks, there's no planning for it. Most pregnant women have to go about their business and hope that the baby decides to come at an opportune time.

For a new mom in Tacoma, Washington, her baby came at a moment that was less than ideal. The little one decided that they wanted to come into the world when their mom was right outside of a Starbucks. An employee in the coffee shop, Rashelle Rehms, quickly became a part of the birth story.


A man knocked on the Starbucks window at 1:00 am on a Friday morning when Rehms was working. Since she had been working the night shift at the store for five years, the knocking was likely nothing out of the ordinary. She had never been a part of what came next though. The man was looking for help as right outside the store on a grassy knoll a woman was giving birth.

Rehms grabbed some towels and sprung into action, as she explained to Kiro 7. Being a mother of two herself, she knew exactly what to do. Upon arrival at the scene, Rehms could already see that the baby was crowning. "I asked her to lift her hips so I could put the towels underneath her hips and as soon as she lifted her hips the baby came right out," the Starbucks employee explained.

Paramedics were on the scene pretty quickly but by that point, as detailed above, the baby had already been born. Rehms has since visited the mother and child at Tacoma General Hospital and apparently both are doing very well. The mom of two who helped bring the baby into the world is hoping to stay in touch with the both of them so she can get updates on the child that she has known since the second they were born.


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