Baby Diaper Changing Disasters

Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to diaper changing. For some, it doesn't bother them at all (mostly mommies). Some can't stand the smell. Others are all about the visual, they see it and upchuck. Whether your a newbie or not, diapers can be a bit messy at times, from pee spraying you down or the poo oozing out. Everyone has a funny story or two so don't think your alone. These diaper horror stories will have you laughing, relating, or both.

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15 Ex"toot" Me

I'll start with one of my own stories. A couple of weeks after my son was born, my dad and step mom came over to visit. I have a rule, "if it happens on your watch, you get to change it".  So my dad was holding him, he started getting fussy and of course my dad hands him off to my step mom. As she is talking to him he starts grunting, we were all laughing because lets face it, baby grunts are pretty funny and cute. He gets done doing his business...or so she thought. She starts to change him, on my couch and he farted. I don't know how many people have heard the term "wet fart" but it was nothing short of that. As he let out his little toot, he projectile pooped a little. Time to wash the couch cushions.

14 The "Holy" Poop

"Xandralv" tells her story to Babycenter. She says, "Our worst one happened the first time we took our little one to church." When mommy got her dressed to go to church, she was  dressed like a doll. All pretty and cute, you know...real lady like. Of course as soon as the music stopped her daughter started to grunt. Thinking it was just her being fussy and ready for a nap she picked her up and put a blanket over her. As soon as the pastor started to talk, her daughter let out a few toots. "Like people are staring and giggling, it's that loud", she explains. After making a scene her baby falls asleep. Shortly after her little one drifts away, "Xandralv" felt something wet on her hand that was supporting her daughter's back. You guessed it, there was poop all the way up to her neck!

13 Poop Suite

This is a story coming from a Babycenter user "Nuthouse1979". Her and her hubby went out for a nice dinner at Red Lobster. While waiting for food, they noticed their daughter had poop all up her back and into her hairline. Mom took her to the bathroom to clean up the mess and her baby had managed to reach her hand down into her poopy mess. "We then had poo all over her back, her chest, hands, arms, and head." She explained. Her husband had to go into the ladies room to deliver some clean clothes, that we completely mismatched by the way. After the whole fiasco she washed her hands, returned to her table and they enjoyed their meal.

12 All "butt" the Floor

Samantha's daughter was just born and they went to go see some of her boyfriend's family who hadn't seen her yet. "It was the first night we got back from their house and I knew she was wet," Samantha said. And as most parents do for some reason, even me, she pulled back the layers to check in her daughter's diaper. As soon as she broke the diaper seal around her daughters leg, her poop went everywhere. All over her baby, all over her, all over everything...all except the floor!

11 Second Times the Charm

Another story from the previous mommy. With the little man, he was four or five months old and she had got her daughter to lay down for a nap. "I thought I could get a shower while she was sleeping and he played," she said. After Samantha got out of the shower she covered up and went out to check on the little ones. She grabbed her baby boy and went to go check on her daughter. As she was leaving her daughter's room, she felt something on her arm. When she looked, it was all up his back, on his neck, and all over her arm. "I had to get back in the shower".

10 Sticky Situation

When Bekah's baby was two weeks old they took him to the zoo. They were about half way through and there were no bathrooms in site. He had a poopy diaper so "it went through all of his clothes and all over me" she said. They were in the Australia part of the zoo and Bekah found a bench in the shade to change her son on. People were walking by and staring. "There was just green poop everywhere. Poop on him, poop on me, poop still coming out of my child while I was trying to change him. It was a sticky situation".

9 Face Cleanse

A family friend told me one of her horror stories. Izzy needed her butt changed so she laid her down to change her. Although you try to prepare yourself for anything every time you undue those little tabs, sometimes you just don't know what's gonna happen. She had her legs up in the air and was whipping her girlie bits clean when Izzy farted. The fart also had some texture. The poop that came with the little toot went projectile....on Mommy's face. "That horrific enough for ya?" she asked.

8 Dog Gone it

When Mavryk was seven months old, he pulled his diaper off. Not even thinking about putting another one on him, "mommy brain" she says, she took him upstairs and sat him down while she made her son a bottle. Keep in mind, no diaper present. Mavryk pooped and it went up his shirt. He then crawled and sat down in every room making a mess out of every rug and every surface all by the time mom could get his bottle ready. "But my dog decided to trail behind him and clean it up."

7 Gee WIZZ

On Mother's day weekend my family camps together every year. This year my son was only a couple weeks old so we just went up for the day to visit with everyone. It happened to be kind of chilly this year so I kept my son in the camper most of the day. Everyone took turns visiting, holding and watching him in the camper. Well, he felt wet so I laid him down on the couch to change him. He did happen to have a poopy diaper so I got him all cleaned up but before I got the new diaper on, his hydrant let loose. Pee.....all over me, all over the couch, his clothes, and my sister....OOPS!

6 Straight-Line Poop

Isabella shares not her personal story but one she was a witness to. She was at Toys R' Us shopping her day away when she headed into the mothers' room to change her daughter's diaper. The mothers' room has two changing tables and the other changing table was occupied with a baby boy being changed by his mother. "Well he must've not been feeling well or something," Isabella said, "Because he straight-line pooped all over his mom's shirt. It was the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life!"

5 Poop on the LOOSE

"Once my dad changed my daughter's diaper," Jessica explains, "and he put the new one her on too loose. So later, after Jessica's sister had been holding her daughter and playing with her, she pooped and it went all over her sister. "It was so funny!" And even though her daughter is almost two years old now, she still has the tendency to pee everywhere while getting her diaper changed.

4 Little Nijna

This is more of an in general story. Phillie explains that her son is nine months old and no matter what, she can't get him to hold still during a diaper change. "I'll be changing a poop diaper and he will start trying to roll around and stand up," she says. "It probably takes longer than it should and it usually ends in a mess." Don't worry you're not the only one who has a baby that pulls the "ninja" moves while you're trying to get them clean. The fight is to try and keep yourself clean in the process.

3 Little Squirt

Angel's son was about three months old and while he was "airing out" her mom (grandma) picked him up to tickle his booty. She tickled and he squirted....not pee...POOP! It went all over Angel's face, hair and even her dog had some on his tail and rear end. Her other dog left the scene out of fear. And to top it all off, after she got him and everything else all cleaned up she when to put his diaper on and was peed on, getting some even in her mouth! Angel currently takes caution before changing any of her sons' diapers.

2 My Butt is in There

This is more of a potty training incident. Wyatt came running out of the bathroom screaming "mommy, mommy my butt is in there!" His mom thought he had fell on something so she was checking him. Finding nothing, she told him, "there's nothing wrong with your butt. Calm down and tell mommy where it hurts." Wyatt told his mom that it was in the toilet and it had eye balls. She was laughing hysterically as she lifted the seat to look and see it was a rounded turd. Wyatt started to cry and said, "see mommy, it's looking at me!'' Wyatt's mom tried to convince him that poop does not have eyes, but after that he would try so hard to hold in his poop scared he would see it again.






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