PSA: Baby Dunlopillo Cot Mattress Removed From Markets Due To Suffocation Risk

In a review recently published by which.co.uk, the Baby Dunlopillo Cot Mattress was found to have failed a variety of safety tests and has since been pulled from markets as it poses a risk of infant suffocation.

The main issues with the Baby Dunlopillo Cot Mattress involve the mattress' firmness and shrinkage after washing. Safety tests found that the mattress was too soft to be protective for a baby should they roll onto their stomach while sleeping. A firm cot mattress is necessary to protect a baby from accidental suffocation. Additionally, upon washing the Baby Dunlopillo Cot Mattress, it was found that the mattress shrank by 5 centimeters. Using a mattress that is improperly fitted to an infant's cot could cause the sleeping baby to catch their arms or legs in the space between the mattress and the frame, resulting in injury.

Initially, Baby Dunlopillo stood by their product stating that it complies to all necessary safety standards, but the company also mentioned that the product has been removed from their online store in the wake of the failed safety tests.

The Sun reports that some online retailers still have the product available for sale for £249.00, and no official recall has been announced.


For the time being, parents who own this mattress are urged to stop using the item. Unfortunately, because no official recall has been issued, those who own a Baby Dunlopillo Cot Mattress purchased outside of the normal return period will not be able to get a refund for the item. Those who have purchased the Baby Dunlopillo Cot Mattress and are still within the return period are advised to take the product back to the retailer from which it was purchased.

Safe crib mattresses, according to Consumer Reports, should be "at least 27 1/4 inches by 51 5/8 inches, and no more than 6 inches thick". It is also recommended that each crib mattress be purchased new to maintain optimal firmness and that crib mattresses be discarded if the material tears or becomes damaged in any way. It is also recommended that new parents consult the specific safety guidelines for their country before making a purchase. When in doubt, pediatricians and mom groups can be a great source of information about crib mattress safety.

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