13 Baby Essentials For $1 Or Less

Having a baby can be extremely expensive! Of course, you can always find ways to budget for a baby. Some parents buy before they need, shop at thrift stores, or plan home-cooked meals. Still, babies need some things that are absolute necessities. Mama, you don't need to break the bank to get the basics your baby must have. Even if you don't feel the financial pinch of having a baby, you can appreciate the thrill of finding a great deal!

Hangers For Baby Clothes

Your baby might be wearing tiny onesies now, but they will grow faster than you can believe! Hangers for baby clothes will help keep you organized. All those cute outfits from your baby shower can have a home and look neat and clean.

Travel-Size Baby Wipes

I've been a mom for three years and I'm not sure I'll ever stop carrying baby wipes. Every time my kid spills a drink, has leftover food on their face, or poop their pants, I reach for the baby wipes in my diaper bag. When I'm out and about, travel-size wipes stay in my glove box for easy access.

Baby Bottles

You can spend $20 on a single baby bottle - or you can spend $2.87 for three 9 ounce bottles that will last your baby from infancy to weaning. I like that math!

Sippy Cups

You may not need a sippy cup for a few months, but they are a must-have. My breastfed daughter refused to take bottles, but sippy cups worked well for her.

Baby Washcloths

There's nothing so sweet as giving your beautiful baby a bath. They smell so clean and fresh afterward! Baby washcloths are so soft and sweet, and perfect for wiping messy faces, too! Pick up four for $1 at The Dollar Tree.

Baby Wash

Of course, that baby won't smell very clean if you don't have some baby wash to clean them up! WalMart carries a large bottle of baby wash for less than a dollar - what a great deal!


If you're a first-time parent, let me be the first to say I'm so sorry about teething. It sucks. No one has fun. But it can be a little easier if you're prepared with a cold teether. Teething pain might be a big problem, but the solution has a small price tag.

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Babies are not very neat eaters. Bibs can save you so much laundry, I promise! Neither of my kids have ever worn bibs peaceably - they always ripped them off the first chance they got. It didn't matter if I spent $30 on a magical bib or $1 on a bib from the bargain bin. It will get ripped off eventually - but it'll work until then!

Bottle Brush

Even if your baby doesn't drink from a bottle, do yourself a favor and get a bottle brush. In fact, get three - they're only a dollar anyway! Bottle brushes make cleaning regular drinking glasses so much easier and faster. Of course, they're also a must for baby bottles, too.


This is an absolute must from day one. Do not get caught without a thermometer! Wal-Mart's version sells for just under $1, making it so easy to monitor their temperature when your baby is feverish and sick.

Baby Lotion

Finish off that luxurious baby bath with a thick coat of baby lotion. Yes, it makes your baby smell fantastic - but it also keeps their delicate skin moisturized and happy!

Dirty Diaper Storage Bags

There's no pleasant way to say this: poop stinks. Dirty diapers really reek! Whether you're out-and-about or filling up the dirty diaper bin at home, these scented bags do wonders to cut down on the stench.

Baby Socks

It's a good thing baby socks are so affordable because I've yet to meet a baby that doesn't kick them off right away. Since it's nearly impossible to keep track of all those lost socks, just stock up. Get 20 baby socks, go all out!


If you budget well and manage your spending, having a baby doesn't need to be the most expensive thing ever! Some of the costs of having and raising babies can't be helped, but these baby essentials save your dough. Every penny saved on the basics is another you can use on something way more fun - like gender-neutral toys or uber-precious baby photography!

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