Baby Girl Flips Her Parents The Bird In Womb

Us parents put up with a lot from our kids as they grow from teeny tiny pooping bundles of joy to angst-ridden teenagers. There's not a parent alive that can't contest to the tantrum thrown on the floor of a supermarket, or the pouty bottom lip of a three-nager who isn't getting their own way. It's all part and parcel of the game, but usually the serious 'tude doesn't start until the baby is out of the womb. In one case, a particularly determined little lady decided to send her parents a pre-birth message by flipping them the bird during an ultrasound.


 The sassy little tot had both her parents and the ultrasound nurse in stitches when they noticed their little girl, Elora, was pictured clearly throwing the finger. Her mother, Jennifer Parks, said she was stunned by the baby showing a clear attitude. Jennifer, 35, from Rocklin, California, took a picture of the moment - presumably to share at Elora's 18th birthday party.

The mama-to-be took it all in stride, laughing along at the situation. Out of all the things that she expected from her ultrasound, she certainly didn't expect that. The situation was so hilarious she found it hard to believe. According to Jennifer, the technician was so tickled by the position of little baby Elora that she too asked if she could take a picture of it. Jennifer joked that herself and her partner worried about what they were getting themselves into with a baby that has some serious opinions before having even left the womb.

Surprisingly, Jennifer has her own interpretation of why Elora was flipping the bird, believing that it was actually her late grandmother, Mary Lou Parks, popping in to say hello. When she showed the picture to her family, her grandfather reminded her that it was how Mary Lou jokingly said hello, so it must be her making her presence known.

The picture quickly went viral, to the delight of the internet. Baby Elora was born 20 weeks later.

Did you have any strange happenings show up on an ultrasound? Let us know in the comments!


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