New Baby Formula Delivery Startup Promises Wholesome Ingredients


A Bay area-based baby formula delivery startup is launching direct-to-consumer European-style formula and is promising wholesome ingredients only.

If you are one of the many parents who are horrified by the ingredients in infant formula and have been importing European formula, you can now turn to Bobbie. According to TechCrunch, “European” style Bobbie infant formula features fresh, grass-fed cows’ milk as the main ingredient, without any corn syrup, maltodextrin or other artificial sugars or unhealthy oils. Bobbie also provides delivery, which can be an especially big help for new parents.

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The company was founded by two San Francisco moms and former Airbnb operation leaders Laura Modi and Sarah Hardy. “When pumping whilst working took a toll on my natural milk supply I found myself at a pharmacy desperate for formula in the middle of the night. I was reading the back of the labels with a laundry list of ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce or wouldn’t eat myself- like corn syrup and soy and I instantly felt helpless,” said Laura Modi, Co-Founder and CEO of Bobbie. “I wanted to create a formula that wouldn’t leave me with even more mom guilt. It’s why I’m personally proud of each ingredient chosen for Bobbie, and even prouder of the questionable ingredients that we left out of Bobbie.”

Bobbie co-founders
Via: Fortune

The company was founded early 2018 in San Francisco. Laura raised $2.5 million while pregnant and closed the round the week before having her son, Colin. San Francisco based venture capital firm Bolt Capital led the round with participation from Nextview Ventures, Lakehouse, and Precursor. Bobbie is also proud of its 16 person Motherboard, comprised of professional moms contributing their expertise to build the brand. Learn more at www.hibobbie.com.

New survey insights from moms who have had a baby in the last two years show the top three things parents seek in a baby formula is not additional ingredients, but fewer. The majority of moms cited no artificial ingredients, no GMOs, and no syrups, like corn syrup, as the top three most important qualities when choosing a formula.

Bobbie is priced on par with the U.S. organic formulas and more affordable than importing German formula. Bobbie offers a one time purchase of the product for $27 for a 400g box, and for subscription at $23 a box.

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