Pregnant Woman Becomes Emotional After She Learns Her Baby's Gender In Her Late Father's Voice

Jennifer Jones-Prothro, from California, figured out her child's gender from a voice recording of her deceased father. She was overcome by emotions when she heard the tape of her late father revealing the gender of her new baby.

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When Jennifer figured out she was pregnant, she challenged her husband to reveal the gender in a very unique way. According to James, Jennifer's father, who has passed away recently, meant everything to her. He immediately knew that the most touching way to reveal the baby's gender would be if it was done by her deceased father. "I could think of no better way than to hear it from her Dad! Rip Mr. J and thanks for your help."

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James decided to piece together old voicemails that the father, Charles, had left for his little girl. He went through all of the voicemails to create a message for his wife to reveal their ninth child's gender. He certainly surprised her and the recording obviously made Jennifer break out in tears. She was overcome with emotion, and with good reason.

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The message for Jennifer was simple and to the point, but the impact was huge. Charles' voice said "Hello Jenny, this is your father. I want to let you know that it is a girl. It's a girl. I love ya, bye bye." Immediately when Jenny heard the voice of her father she began to cry. "My dad always wanted to be surprised by it," said Jennifer.  She told CNN that her father always wanted to be surprised by the gender of their grandchildren. It was such a great experience for Jennifer. She was over the moon about her husband going through such great lengths to surprise her with such a heartwarming gesture.

Jennifer and James have decided that they are going to make their little girl's middle name Charlie after her late father. She thinks that giving her the middle name Charlie will be a great way to remember her father.  We wish you the best and hope that you have a healthy rest of your pregnancy, Jennifer!

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