Baby Gets Life Changing Surgery! Seriously Amazing!

When Natalie and Brian Gaudin found out they were expecting, they shortly after found out that their child would have spina bifida and they immediately prepared for the worse. Since the trouble had problems conceiving and had to to go through fertility treatments, they were simply overjoyed to find out they were pregnant! 

Natalie first found out that she was pregnant with twins but at her 14 weeks check up she found out that one of the twins had passed and the second had spina bifida. “We were devastated,” she said. “Not only had we suffered one loss, but our other little girl had a life-altering birth defect. It felt like a huge brick wall had fallen on top of me. I could barely breathe. I tried to keep it together for the rest of the appointment so I could hear what the physician was telling us. I can remember one small tear leaving my eye and rolling down my face. Once the physician left the room, I broke down in my husband’s arms.” There was a surgery available between the 22nd and 26th week of pregnancy, it is a very difficult operation because of it's serious nature but the Gaudin family decided to go ahead and do it. 

They chose the Texas Children's because of it's high success rate with the surgery. Thankfully, the surgery was a success and they were able to see improvement even before the baby was born. Emerson came into the world at 37 weeks on April 1st. She is now 2 months old and symptom free! 

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