Baby Girl Amazingly ‘Climbs Out’ Of Her Mother’s Womb During Delivery

Charlotte Knowles, a mother of two, from Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, had endured a complicated first birth, therefore, she wanted to ensure her second delivery didn’t cause any trauma for her new baby daughter.

During delivery, doctors made an incision and pulled the baby’s head out and then let her effectively climb out on her own, rather than being pulled. Less stressful than a C-section for the baby, the newborn barely cried and doctors were even forced to wake her when she lulled off halfway through the delivery.

Charlotte, 31, is a police dispatcher who moved from Essex to Florida with her parents after breaking up with her first daughter Annalee’s father. In 2008, her first experience with childbirth left her feeling “traumatized.” During delivery, the baby’s heart rate dropped dramatically. “It was terrifying. One minute I was being induced, and the next minute I had lots of doctors and nurses running around me,” she told The Sun.

She was immediately prepped for an emergency C-section after Annalee’s heart rate plummeted. “I was only 21 years old, I felt very panicked and scared and it was just all happening way too quickly,” she said. “Thankfully, the C-section went well and Annalee was fine and healthy, but the whole experience traumatized me.”

In 2010, she moved back to the UK and began dating her current partner, Ricky Knowles in 2012. The couple became pregnant in July 2014. After her first delivery, she expected to have a C-section since she had been told that her hips weren’t wide enough to give birth naturally. “It did make me sad to think that I’d never be able to experience a natural birth, but having a baby was a blessing regardless of how they enter the world,” she said. “I wanted this birth be a beautiful and calm experience for me and our baby, despite being on the operating table.”

Ricky’s mother, Tracy Wright, 54, is a midwife who was on hand to assist with the baby’s delivery and even filmed the birth. Having helped so many women deliver their children, she was ecstatic when Charlotte asked her to be in the room with her. It was her first experience with a natural C-section birth. “Delivering my own granddaughter into the world was just incredible. It is an experience I will never forget,” she said.

Baby Lyla was born weighing 3.6 kg. Immediately after “climbing down” from her mother’s womb, she was placed on Charlotte’s stomach, where she quickly fell asleep. The birth, captured by Charlotte’s mother-in-law, has been viewed numerous times by the family who is still amazed at how uncomplicated the experience was. The video can be viewed here.

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“You can’t watch your own C-section at the time, so it’s wonderful I can look back now at what happened,” Charlotte said. “Most people do not choose to video a C-section — it seems quite a taboo subject because you are cut open. I’ve watched the video over and over, Annalee and Lyla have both watched it too and they think it’s amazing, which it is.”

Lyla was born at Southend General Hospital, on April 23, 2015. She is now four years old. Last year, Charlotte and Ricky got married, with Annalee and Lyla as bridesmaids.

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