Photo Of Baby Girl Chillin' Out Goes Viral

There's nothing like sitting back in your pajamas after a long day at the office and watching a good movie. After all, when you've had a hard day all you want to do is take some time out to chill and think about absolutely nothing. Now, a baby has been pictured doing just that - chillin' out in the best way possible. Twitter user @Kahlaaaaa2 posted a snap of her daughter Kahri watching a movie on a laptop while she's perfectly positioned inside a U-shaped cushion, with a matching smaller neck cushion. To say we're jealous of the set up would be an understatement.


The picture soon went viral, gaining over 100k likes and 25k comments. Users across the world have retweeted, mainly to say how adorable the tot looks and how they wish they had an adult sized version of those cushions. It puts our fleece blankets and normally shaped pillows to shame, doesn't it?

It's not the first baby-orientated picture to go viral of late, with one of a baby flipping the bird during an ultrasound also garnering the attention of the internet. With memes at their peak popularity, it's not always easy to hit the viral sweet spot. So many users actively try to see their pictures go viral, while others such as @Kahlaaaaa2 simply post a picture of something they find adorable and watch as the likes unexpectedly creep up. Little baby Kahri will undoubtedly be amused when she's told this story later on in life - who wouldn't want to be told that they went viral for their comfy cuteness as a baby?

Honestly, we're not surprised at how quickly this particular photo took off. It has a perfect combination of elements - cute baby chilling out in the comfiest set up watching Trolls. Take note, viral-wishers. This is apparently the magic formula to take you from a social media zero to Twitter hero in the click of a button.

Unfortunately, we won't accept any imitations. Just the real thing. Keep on keeping it real, Kahri!

(And someone please show us where we can get an adult sized version of those pillows!).


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