10 Biblical Baby Girl Names That Are Underused

There are so many awesome baby names found in the bible, however, people usually associate boy names with the holy book. Adam, Isaac, and Noah are all pretty common biblical boy names, but what about the girls? What some people may not realize is how many sweet, strong, and timeless girl names are found among the many pages.

Sure, Mary and Delilah are two well-known biblical females, but there are plenty of others just waiting to be used. We rounded up 10 of our favorite biblical girl names we think deserve a little more attention!

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10 Leah

Leah is such a sweet name! In the bible, Leah was a wife of Jacob and was said to be fiercely loyal. As with many names in the bible, Leah has a Hebrew origin meaning "weary." Despite this, we find the name Leah to be quite cute and definitely not as common as some biblical baby names.

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Modern parents may choose to give the name a twist by spelling it various ways, such as "Lea" or "Lia." Whatever spelling you may choose for your little one, there's no denying this moniker is one of the most endearing biblical names for a girl.

9 Bethany

Bethany was a town in biblical times and has such an appealing sound to it. Located near the Mount of Olives, Bethany was the home of sisters Mary and Martha and their brother Lazarus. It's also said Jesus entered Jerusalem near Bethany on Palm Sunday. Obviously, this place had some pretty great significance during biblical times. With a Hebrew origin said to mean "house of figs," which is believed to imply potential, this makes for a great baby name. Bethany is not commonly heard today, but nicknames such as "Beth" for an adult or "Bethy" for a baby is pretty cute!

8 Ruth

The story of Ruth is a powerful one with a book of the bible dedicated to her namesake. Ruth was loyal and devoted to her husband's family even after his passing, which makes her name a great option for any baby girl. The Hebrew origin of "Ruth" means "companion" or "friend," and supports the story of how fiercely faithful she was to her family.

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This is a short and sweet name that isn't heard too often today. There are a few famous women by the name "Ruth," perhaps most notably is Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She is just one of a few women to ever be appointed to the court.

7 Micah

Micah, a prophet, authored one of the books of the bible. Typically seen as a boy name, Micah makes for a great girl name today. With a Hebrew origin meaning "who is like the Lord," this is a fantastic name option for parents seeking a strong biblical presence in their little one's moniker. While the name "Micah" may be growing in popularity in recent years, it's not overused by any means. We think it provides a trendy vibe while sticking close to historic and timeless roots.

6 Rachel

Rachel was the beautiful sister of Leah and also was a wife of Jacob. With a Hebrew meaning, the name "Rachel" translates as "female sheep." Despite not having quite as deep a meaning as other biblical names, Rachel is still a gorgeous classic moniker for any modern baby girl.

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According to Nameberry, the name "Rachel" ranked at number 195 in 2017. This proves this biblical name is still relevant today without being overly used. Of course, many people may not be familiar with the story of Rachel in the bible and may be pleasantly surprised to learn this beautiful baby name has a place in history.

5 Abigail

In the Bible, Abigail was one of King David's wives after the passing of her first husband Nabal. Abigail was known as both beautiful and intelligent with her name meaning "father's joy" or "gives joy." According to Nameberry, Abigail ranked at number 10 in popularity in 2017. Despite this high ranking, the name "Abigail" is still not overly common today. In fact, we think the name isn't used nearly enough for how sweet it is! Of course, its biblical meaning is also a plus as new parents bask in the joy of their little one.

4 Hannah

Biblically speaking, Hannah played a relatively small part in the Bible as she is not mentioned nearly as frequently as other women. Despite this, Hannah is still a strong biblical name with a Hebrew origin meaning "full of grace" or "mercy." Hannah's story was one of resilience as she was blessed with a son named Samuel, who was a prophet, thanks to her faith and dedication. These are a few great traits to have behind any name.

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"Hannah" is another timeless name that is both beautiful and sweet sounding. It can be spelled various ways such as "Hanna" and makes for cute nicknames like "Hannie" for baby girls.

3 Eve

Of course, most people are familiar with the story of Adam and Eve, however, "Eve" is not a very common name despite its notoriety. Eve may have had her weaknesses, but the name itself is classic and bold. The Hebrew meaning "to give life" or "living" is also beautiful and gives a powerful significance to the name. Plus, "Evie" makes a lovely little nickname for any baby girl.

2 Priscilla

As with many other females in the bible, Priscilla is mentioned as a wife. She and her husband, Aquila, met Paul after leaving their home country of Italy in the book of Acts. Despite her small biblical role, Priscilla is a gorgeous name and perhaps one of our favorites.

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With a Latin origin meaning "ancient," Priscilla is another traditional and elegant name. If the name "Priscilla" seems a little too formal for a newborn baby, nicknames such as "Pri" or "Cilla" are cute options. This classic name ranked at number 527 in 2017, according to Nameberry, which basically means it's very underused for how appealing it is!

1 Tabitha

Tabitha played a greater role in the bible as she is named a disciple in the book of Acts. She was said to have done good by helping those in need. The Hebrew meaning of "Tabitha" is "grace or beauty," which aligns with the good works she was doing in biblical times. The Aramaic origin lists "Tabitha" as the word for "gazelle," which are typically considered graceful creatures as well. This name is super sweet for any baby girl with the nickname "Tabby" being a shorter option.

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