10 Remarkable Baby Girl Names With Beautiful Meanings

Finding the perfect baby girl name is quite a task. It’s so tricky to strike a balance between a name that sounds nice and also has a powerful meaning. Moms and dads who are on the lookout for monikers with special definitions will find what they're looking for on this list. Each of these names was carefully selected for their amazing meanings.

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From cheerful names that will make everyone smile to strong titles that are empowering, these monikers will satisfy even the pickiest parents. We hope that you enjoy this list of 10 Remarkable Baby Girl Names With Beautiful Meanings.

10 Esme

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Esme is one of those names that not only sounds adorable but has a powerful meaning as well. It’s a French moniker that means esteemed or beloved. Your little girl will know just how loved she is if you choose to name her Esme.

This one gained popularity after it was used for one of the Cullen vampires in the Twilight series. It didn’t enter the charts until the 1960s but saw a surge in 2008 when the movie was released. We’ve been watching it rise over the years and it seems like its more than likely going to continue to climb.

9 Astrid

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It doesn’t get much dreamier than the name Astrid. This lovely moniker is of Scandinavian descent and means divinely beautiful. We love that it is a celestial name and has such a pretty meaning behind it. You really can’t deny the striking beauty of this name.

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Astrid isn’t a name that you hear too often these days, although it did see an uptick on the charts in 2018. It’s become trendy with the hipster crowd, which means that Astrid is here to stay. If you’re hoping to give your daughter a name with a deep meaning then this one might be a perfect choice.

8 Sophia

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Looking for a smart name that is also feminine for your little girl? If so, you will adore the name, Sophia. This delicate moniker is of Greek origin and means wisdom. Your daughter will have both beauty and brains with a name like this one.

Sophia was the #1 name on many popularity lists for some years and even though it’s recently slipped down a few spots, we still love it. An alternative spelling is Sofia but we prefer this soft and pretty version. Charming, gentle, and elegant, Sophia is the perfect name for a bright little lady.

7 Zoe

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Zoe is such an unforgettable name. This spunky moniker just feels so upbeat and has a positive meaning as well. It’s a Greek moniker that means life. We have a feeling that your little girl will be quite an optimist if you name her Zoe. It’s just too cheerful to not add to this list.

It’s a classic option that has been around since the 1880s but has recently gained popularity, thanks in part to the actress Zooey Deschanel. We prefer the plucky three-letter spelling because it’s so short and sweet. It’s still not overused, making it a distinctive choice.

6 Mia

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If you want your daughter to know just how treasured she is then you should consider naming her Mia. It’s an Italian name that means wished-for child. How amazing is that? Your little girl will feel so special, which will give her an extra boost of confidence as she goes through life.

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Mia is a variation of the more formal name, Maria. We love the modern feel of this version. You will be ahead of the trends if you chose this one as it’s gaining steam in many popular name lists but hasn’t overtaken the charts yet. You’d be smart to claim it.

5 Phoebe

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Phoebe is a captivating name with an equally radiant meaning. It’s a Greek moniker than means shining one. Your daughter will catch everyone’s eye with a name as brilliant as this one. She’ll have an undeniable brightness about her.

This one entered the charts strong in the 1900s and fell out favor until it saw a surge in the 1990s. Which was more than likely inspired by the character, Phoebe from the popular show, Friends. Amazingly enough, it’s still soaring on the charts. If you want a moniker with a powerful meaning, give your little girl a name that she’ll love, and choose Phoebe.

4 Charlotte

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If you have a penchant for French names then you will adore the name Charlotte. Not only is it girly but it has a great meaning as well. This one means free and would be just right for an independent little lady. It’s a female variation the name Charles and we think that a cute nickname would be Lottie.

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We all remember the magical children’s book, Charlotte’s Web, written by E.B White. Literary-minded parents will want to jump on this one, for sure. It also gained popularity after one of the characters was named Charlotte on the show Sex and the City.

3 Thora

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Looking to give your daughter a fierce name with a strong meaning? You can’t get much mightier than the name Thora. It’s a Norse moniker that means Thunder Goddess. Your daughter will rule over all with a name as powerful as this one. Nothing will stand in her way.

This one last saw a place in the charts in 1918 and slipped off the radar over the years. We think that just means it’s been waiting for you to bring it back into the fold. It’s unique without being too outlandish. We can’t help but think of a little warrior when we hear the name Thora.

2 Bridget

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Another name with a powerful meaning is Bridget. It’s an Irish moniker that means exalted one. We love that it has such a bold definition but manages to be soft at the same time. Your daughter will feel like the most important girl in the world with a name like this one.

Bridget has origins in Celtic folklore as it was the name of the Goddess of Wisdom. It was popular in the 1970s and we think that it’s poised to have a resurgence. Be sure to add this one to your list of possibilities because it might be just right for your little girl.

1 Reina

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If you’re hoping to give your daughter a name that’s fit for royalty then you‘ve got to pick the name Reina. It’s a Spanish moniker that means queen. Your little girl will reign supreme if you give her this name. It’s so unique and regal, we couldn’t resist adding it to this list of meaningful names.

It entered the charts in the 1920s and has been holding its own ever since. This isn’t one that finds a place on popularity lists often but don’t let that stop you from claiming it. Reina is a dignified option that feels noble and pretty.

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