Baby Girl Rescued In Guatemala After Volcano Eruption

A baby girl was rescued in Guatemala after a nearby volcano erupted.

The little girl was found by rescuers underneath layers of ash, in the home that she had grown up in.

Authorities have released a video that shows one of their officers descending into the ash on a ladder, and emerging minutes later with a small baby girl, wrapped in a pink blanket.

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The infant did not appear to be afraid or even crying - she looked up at the man who pulled her from the ash with big brown eyes that seemed to say, "thank you".

The Fuego volcano erupted this past weekend unleashing lava, toxic gases, and copious amounts of ash. The rescue crews are still trying to dig through the rubble, but it can be a painstakingly slow process.


The death toll thus far for the Fuego volcano was 75, but there are still over 200 people that are unaccounted for.

Guatemalan authorities are still concerned that this will not be the last of the activity from the Fuego volcano. The mighty peak released ash and lava on the surrounding towns, enveloping anything close to it in devastation.

CNN reported that rescuers who are still searching the rubble for survivors are forced to park their cars downhill, facing away from the peak, just in case it erupts again while they are looking. Guatemala's disaster relief agency is predicting more possible flow from the summit, leaving residents of the area in a state of perpetual fear.

This is not the only account of recent volcanic activity, as the Hawaii's Kilauea volcano is still spewing molten lava from its depths. Kapoho Bay, a tourist destination off the Big Island, was known for its vacation rentals and sandy beaches. Authorities estimate that the field of lava extends nearly .8 miles off the coast, destroying wildlife and property, and reshaping the land as we know it.

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Hawaii's eruptions have been happening for a month now, leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

We wish for the safety of everyone effected by these horrific eruptions, and hope that this rescued baby girl will continue to be safe and healthy.


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