Baby Born With Heart Outside Of Her Body Is Ready To Go Home

A baby was born with her heart on the outside of her chest. After almost a year in the hospital she is now being able to go home.

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Vanellope Hope Wilkins was born with a very rare heart condition. Her heart was outside of her chest. Vanellope was born to her parents, Findlay and Dean Wilkins, in Bulwell in central England. Little Venellope is the first baby to survive the rare heart condition in the UK. Little Vanellope has already undergone three serious heart surgeries in her short year of life, but she is fighting through. All of the surgeries went well and she is such a tough little baby who obviously has a life she wants to live.

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After a little over a year, Venellope has been deemed strong enough to start being able to spend time with her family in their home. Sadly, it is not permanent, but Findlay and Dean are hoping to the get to the point where she doesn't have to go back to the hospital and she can start being at their home forever.

VIA Inside Edition

Findlay says that that the task of bringing their daughter home is very daunting and difficult. They have to recreate the safe and sterile environment like the hospital, so they have to go through much more precautions than the average family. They have been educated by the doctors and the nursing staff at the hospital to help them accomplish the best environment possible for their little daughter. Findlay says that it is a lot and it's overwhelming, but she is looking forward to it and is hoping to keep their daughter home for good.

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Vanelleope was diagnosed with the rare heart condition, ectopia cordis, while still in her mother's womb. Little Vanellope was given only a 10% chance of survival, but her parents were not giving up on her. She was born via c-section over a month early due to her condition. Although she wasn't given the best odds, she is fighting hard and she has already surpassed anybody's expectations. We are all hoping that she continues to grow big and strong. We hope that she is able to return home and stay with her family permanently.

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