Baby, It's HOT! Stay Cool When You're Gigantically Pregnant During Summer

I love the summer. Longer days, carefree clothes, the beach, watermelon, fireworks… what’s not to love?

I’ll tell you what’s not to love, being gigantically pregnant, that’s what’s not to love. When the weather starts to heat up and you’re super, duper pregnant, the summer goes from being a season of joy, to one of dread.

My first-born was due in July, which meant that I was going to have to endure those very non-enjoyable third-trimester symptoms (swollen ankles, extra weight, aches and pains, hot flashes, etc) in the midst of the hottest weather of the year. Yeesh! Being super pregnant isn’t fun any time of the year (ladies, you have to agree with me! It’s the pits!).

But when you’re at the end of your pregnancy during the summer, it’s even worse than the pits. The good news is, I survived being in my third trimester during the summer, and you can, too! Here are some tips for relief that did me a world of good.

Drink it Up!

H2O, I mean! In fact, don’t just drink it up--guzzle it. Drink water like you have been stranded on a dessert island, surrounded by salt water, for months. Eight- 8oz glass of water a day is the recommended intake for anyone; but when you’re enormously pregnant, you’re going to want to – neigh, HAVE to – drink more.

Dehydration and pregnancy don’t mix (I know firsthand, it landed me in L&D at 30 weeks with contractions,) so make sure you drink plenty of that insanely nourishing fluid every single day. If you’re not a big fan of plain water, doctor it up by infusing it with ginger, cucumber, peppermint, or even watermelon!

Get Icy

Ice chips are any gigantically pregnant woman’s best friend, particularly one who is pregnant during the heat of the summer.

Suck on some crushed ice or ice cubes to cool off, and to get some more H2O into you. However, don’t stop there! If your feet are swollen, fill a bucket with ice and stick them in! You’ll feel a world of relief. Ice packs are a great comfort when you put them around your neck or lower back. If you really want to feel frosty, fill up a tub with some Lukewarm water and a tray or two of ice cubes, and enjoy a cool, whole-body soak for a few minutes.

Munch Lightly

Eating well-balanced meals is a must during pregnancy. However, when the temperature is spiking, the last thing you want to do is eat huge meals. It just makes you feel heavier, more bloated, and even sweatier.

Instead of eating three big meals a day, opt for five or six smaller meals. Also, replace those cheeseburgers and fries with lighter fare, such as salads, wraps, and fruit bowls.

Become a Lady of the Night

No, not in the sense that you may be thinking, I mean try to do most of your activities in the evening hours. It gets cooler when the sun starts to set, which makes right before dusk, and afterward the ideal time to get your running around done. Try to run errands during the heat of the day and you won’t get much accomplished. Plus, you’ll feel like you were run over! Trust me.

Become BFFs With the AC

Yep, being in the AC is where it’s at when you’re super pregnant during the summer. Crank that baby up as high as it will go and enjoy that frosty cool air. If anyone else complains, tell them to put on a winter coat and a hat. You’re the one creating a human life, so your comfort should come first.

Eat Ice Cream Like It’s Your JOB!

Being pregnant gives you carte blanche to eat whatever you want, right? Well, within reason. And who doesn’t love ice cream in the summer? When you’re super pregnant during the hottest time of the year, go hog wild for ice cream!

During the last two months of my first pregnancy, I ate ice cream like it was going out of style! Seriously, the highlight of my day was going to the ice cream place. Not only did I cool off, but I also satisfied some cravings. Another bonus, we discovered some pretty amazing ice cream places that I never knew existed. That’s a triple win, in my book!

Get Swimming

Go to the local public pool, or an ocean, a bay, a lake. Heck, even a kiddie pool will do! Any body of water is your best friend when you are gigantically pregnant in the summer. Not only does swimming cool you off, but it also helps to alleviate some of those pregnancy aches and pains.

Since you’re virtually weightless in water, a lot of the pressure from that extra weight is taken off of your back, pelvis, and legs.

Be Light and Breezy

Hit the maternity store and grab some light and breezy duds.

Flowing maxi skirts and dresses, loose tanks, and shorts are the way to go. Find fabrics that are light and airy. Cotton and linen breathe and will keep you from getting covered in sticky sweat. Oh, and choose light colors too, like white, beige, and pastels.

Mock ‘til You Drop

You may not be able to sip those frosty alcohol concoctions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t imbibe some frothy mocktails. Have your husband, boyfriend, best friend, or anybody else play bartender and whip up a tasty alcohol-free daiquiri, pina colada, margarita, or some other yummy combinations of fruits, fruit juice, and ice.

Put it in a fancy cocktail class and top it with a little umbrella, and you’ll feel like you’ve been swept away to a tropical island (you can use your imagination, at least.)

Spray Down

Keep a spray bottle filled with ice cold water within arm’s reach at all times. When you’re feeling hot and sticky, grab that bottle and sprits yourself down. Add a touch of peppermint or eucalyptus oil to give the water a sweet, soothing scent.

For even more cooling relief, use one of those spray bottles with a fan attached!

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