Baby Makes 21 In UK's Biggest Family

The United Kingdom's biggest family from 16 Kids and Counting (the Radfords) are adding another child to the mix. This will bring the count up to 21 children for the family.

Sue Radford, 43, has announced via her YouTube channel that she is pregnant once again. In a statement released last September, the mother assured viewers that baby #20 was her last, and that she would stop on an even number. Oops.

The impending arrival of their newest baby was announced as well on the family's Instagram.

The couple has had a history, however, of changing their minds. Noel Radford, 47, has already had one vasectomy that was supposed to render him from producing more kiddos. This allegedly took place during Sue's 9th pregnancy. The pair decided later that they indeed wanted more children and had the procedure reversed.


You may be wondering how a couple so relatively young has produced 20 (soon to be 21) kids. Their eldest child, Chris, 29, was born when Sue was just 14 years-old. She and Noel were later married and have continued to add to the world's population, year after year.

Besides Chris there is also Sophie, 24, Chloe, 22, Jack, 21, Daniel, 19, Luke, 17, Millie, 16, Katie, 15, James, 14, Ellie, 13, Aimee, 12, Josh, 10, Max, 9, Tillie, 7, Oscar, 6, Casper, 5, Hallie, 2, Phoebe, 22 months, and baby Archie, 8 months. There was also Alfie, who was born stillborn.

The life of this family has been recorded in a reality documentary series, which details the everyday goings-on with the couple and their children, as their already massive family continues to expand.

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This style of television is not new - and it has been proven to be highly successful.

America has its own version of this type of docu-reality series which is entitled, 19 Kids and Counting. The family that is featured in this show include parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and - you guessed it - their 19 children. Their lives are documented in their home in Tontitown, Arkansas. Members of the Baptist church, the Duggars do not believe in birth control.

Viewers could not help but tune in to watch this devout family who were home schooled and practiced religious obligations such as chaperoned courtship. Their show, however, was cancelled in 2015.


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