Baby Meets Her 104 Great-Grandmother And Her Reaction Is Priceless

A little six month old baby meets her great-grandmother for the first time and she had the best reaction. The little girl acted as if they had known each other their entire lives!


Semira Luciani, 35, and her 39-year-old husband Justin Luciani, decided it was time for their daughter to meet her great-grandmother. Their daughter, Elia, is six months old and they were very excited to have her meet her great-grandmother, Tina Rose. Semira said that usually Elia doesn't get too excited when she meets new people. She sometimes just gives a little smirk, but that is about the only reaction she will give. She isn't one to try to hug people are try to smile at everybody she sees. She can be a very reserved young baby.

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Semira said that right when she saw her great-grandmother she started laughing and smiling. Elia was clapping and she was desperately trying to get to Tina. Semira said that she has never seen anything like that before! Elia was clapping and laughing hysterically. She kept trying to crawl all over her great-grandma and she just wanted to snuggle her and hold her. Semira said that her daughter doesn't even do that to her parents, so it was quite a surprise for her to do that to somebody she just met.


Semira said that she held Elia as she just kept on laughing and reaching for her great-grandmothers face. She just wanted to be held. The couple shared that it was one of the best experiences and they had no idea that she was going to react with so much excitement for her great-grandmother. Semira said that it felt as if they were two souls that haven't seen each other in a long time and finally reunited. It was like "they knew each other their whole lives." It was incredible!

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What an amazing experience. You can also tell how excited that both baby Elia and great-grandmother Tina are to see each other. So much love between these two and it's just beautiful! Thank you for sharing your experience you guys! It is amazing. When there is continually so much hate in this world it is so refreshing to see stories like this!

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