10 Milestones Your Baby Should Reach Before Their First Birthday

The first year of life is a busy time for a baby. Each month brings on new stages of their development and it’s important for them to reach specific milestones along the way. From holding up their head to learning how to walk, it’s amazing to see how much little ones change in their first year of life.

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Every baby grows in their own special time so don’t be alarmed if your baby isn’t on the typical milestone track. Be sure to talk to their pediatrician if you have any concerns. Please enjoy this list of 10 milestones your baby should reach before their first birthday.

10 Month 1: Coming Into Focus

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The first month of a baby’s life is such an exciting time. There are many milestones that appear during those first few weeks but one that you will notice is your baby’s vision gradually coming into focus.

They will start to take in the sights around them and may track objects as they move in front of them. Their vision is still a bit blurry, so their field of vision is 8 to 12 inches away from them. They will begin to focus on your face, so be sure to snuggle up close, and watch them study your features.

9 Month 2: More Control Over Body

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The second month of life can be a busy time for a baby as they start to get more control over their body. They might begin to lift up their shoulders during tummy time or hold their head upright. You could see them kicking more as their legs straighten out a bit and become stronger.

Look for more fluid body movements and less jerky arms and legs. Some babies at this age may reach for an object in front of them. These milestones are so fun to watch as your newborn slowly comes out of their shell and becomes more aware of their body.

8 Month 3: Hand-Eye Coordination

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By the time your baby reaches 3-months-old, you should see major advancements in their hand-eye coordination. At this point in their life, their hands open up from fists and they begin to close and open their fingers. So, if you were to place a toy on their palm, they might just grasp it.

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Babies love play gyms at this age, so be sure to lay them on their back, beneath dangling baby toys. They’ll have a blast swatting and kicking away. They also enjoy watching items move as they start to be able to track objects within a wider range in their field of vision.

7 Month 4: Lots Of Smiles

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This next stage of development is so cute because your 4-month-old loves to have fun and interact with people. They enjoy playing, so a rousing game of peek-a-boo will bring on squeals of delight. Chances are, your little one will start to smile and show a bit more of their personality.

They may start to express themselves more with plenty of raspberries and giggles. On the flip side, they will let you know when they’re not happy as well. Take away their favorite toy and you might just be chewed out in baby language. This social milestone is so important.

6 Month 5: Rolling Over

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Your 5-month-old will hit many milestones this month as they gain even more control of their body. Tummy time becomes an adventure because they more than likely will begin to roll over from their back to their belly.

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Once they do, you could see them do a lot of kicking and rocking. This is your baby’s way of preparing to crawl. This month is a time of transition as they gain core strength and may be able to sit propped up with a pillow. Enjoy these last moments before they become mobile. Once they start crawling, it’s off to the races!

5 Month 6: Sitting Up

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A 6-month-old baby reaches new milestones but the most significant change is when they sit up on their own. Your baby will feel so proud as they hold themselves up with their hands and eventually learn to sit unassisted. They will delight in their new view of the world

You may also see them push up on their hands and knees, teetering back and forth. This means that they are one step closer to crawling. Not only is your baby mastering gross motor skills but they are halfway through their first year of life, which is so exciting.

4 Month 7: Scooting & Crawling

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When a baby hits 7-months-old, they are all about moving around. At this point, they may even be crawling. Although, many babies start out by scooting or rolling across the room. They may get creative about how they creep about but their main goal is to get moving.

This crucial milestone actually prepares muscles to take on the task of walking soon. You can help encourage this by holding them up on their legs with support. They are very motivated to try out their new skills and will be so happy to be standing, even if their tiny legs wobble a bit.

3 Months 8 & 9: Make Some Noise

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When it comes to the typical 8-month-old baby milestone, be prepared to hear a lot of noise. Your little one is becoming more and more able to communicate with sound. This means that you’ll hear all sorts of babbling and giggling.

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They may even start to string together a few sounds to create their first word. Most babies learn to say “Mama” or “Dada” at this age. They’ll also figure out that they can let you know exactly what they want, so don’t be shocked if there is a lot of squealing while they point at desired objects.

2 Month 10 & 11: Finger Foods

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Meals can become very adventurous when it comes to 10 and 11-month old babies. At this point, your baby is well into eating solid foods. They should be able to pick up tiny objects with their finger and thumb, which means that they love eating finger foods like Cheerios or cut up pieces of fruit.

They also will more than likely be able to hold a cup at this point. Mealtimes become much more independent at this stage of their life. Although, you still have to watch out for choking hazards so be sure that all foods are the appropriate size.

1 1st Birthday: Cruising Around

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Congratulations! Your baby has reached their first birthday and achieved many milestones along the way. Once they reach 12-months-old, most babies can pull themselves up to stand and cruise around the room while holding onto furniture.

Some little ones have already taken their first steps or are even walking by the time they reach this age. Once they do, life will never be the same. Keep in mind that every baby is different so don’t worry if your little one is on their own schedule. The next year will bring just as many opportunities for them to master their transition into toddlerhood.

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