How To Choose The Right Name For Baby (And Why It Matters)

Every time you turn around, people are coming out with new lists of names. There are lists for just about every type of topic, from usual to common to classic names. Many people will pick names based on family names, TV shows and movies, and even video games or religion. Sometimes you'll hear out-there, crazy names (think most celebrities) or you'll hear classically beautiful names. How do you know that the right name is the right name? Is the name you select even important? Read on to find out.

There have been studies done on names when it comes to hiring managers picking candidates. It may not be fair, but it has been shown that they can discriminate against certain names before ever meeting the candidate. It's a problem that has been found in Australia, Canada, the U.S. and parts of Europe.

There is also the annoyance of having to constantly spell their names or having their names misspelled all the time as they're growing up. Those cute variations on the spelling of classic names? They will have the child constantly having to correct misspellings throughout their lives.

It's also important to look at the different ways that the child's name can be mocked as they get older, especially if there is a nickname that can be used as an innuendo, potty joke or another obvious jab. Even initials can count (you may want to double check their initials before cementing the name you chose).

You don't have to go with only classic or normal names, but be selective and make sure it's a name that wouldn't be too easy to mock. Too unusual spelling and they will have their name mispronounced.

There are studies about names and self-esteem as the baby grows up, the name is a reflection of the parents' interests and ideals, so it puts pressure on the child as they grow up.

Another factor to consider is that name "discrimination" and stereotyping does happen. There are names that are considered "desirable" and others that aren't. As unfair as that sounds, it still needs to be considered when you're narrowing your list down. When a child has a name that sounds "lower class," for instance, can deal with the people in their lives treating them different than people that have "higher socio-economic" sounding names.

There are factors that you may want to consider before making this important decision, baby can always get their name changed when they grow up, and sometimes do appreciate original names when they get older but what they sometimes have to go through as their identity and self-worth is being shaped is a concept you may want to consider. That's not to say it will always have bad results. If your child is lucky, that may not happen but in the end, it's up to you what you choose.


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