10 Hilarious Movie/TV Character Baby Name Fails

Naming your child is one of the first choices you make as a parent. It's a huge responsibility. The perfect name is unique enough to be memorable but also respectable. Your baby's name will often be the first impression they make on others for the rest of their lives. Many parents choose to give their children meaningful names.

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You may choose to honor a friend or family member by using their moniker for your little one. Some parents choose to name their children after their favorite TV and movie characters. While a simple John might be okay, some parents have taken things a bit too far. Here are 10 of the worst character names to give your child. Learn from these parents' mistakes and give your baby a name they can be proud of (and pronounce)!

10 Khaleesi

Where to start. This name is awful on so many levels. The spelling stands out right away as a major hassle later in life. We want our kids to trust us when we explain the rules of pronunciation. This name will hack away at that trust. Not only will your little girl have a hard time spelling her own name but she'll also get very tired of explaining to everyone else how to spell it too. No one wants to be the kid who's unpronounceable name stops roll-call dead in its tracks. Grammar issues aside, there's another small issue with this name to address. The character associated with this title goes on a pretty serious murder spree. No little girl needs to carry that legacy.

9 Ryker

William Ryker is genuinely the worst. He's Picard's first mate on board the Enterprise and that's a job he just won't let go of. He's been offered Captaincy of several ships but he just can't move on. It leaves no way for up and comers in Starfleet to advance their careers. Let someone else have a turn. Ryker is a creep in his personal relationships. His romantic relationship with Deana Troy was inappropriate at best. Once it ends, Ryker hovers around his ex as much as possible. This is not a character you want your children to emulate.

8 Sharpay

Imagine if there were an awful, vapid, annoying version of Voldemort. Maybe overly fond of hot pink? You would never name your child after a villain you can't even respect, right? Guess again. Some bold parents have chosen to name their precious little girls after the bad guy of High School Musical. Baby names sometimes turn out to be prophetic. Could you really forgive yourself if your child grew up to be manipulative, backstabbing, and shallow like her namesake?

7 Max

Have you been introduced to someone and immediately thought "That's a dog's name!". Would you like to see what that looks like every time you introduce your child? If so, the name Max is perfect for you. No matter how much you love the Mad Max universe it's just not a great idea to name your kid after anyone from a dystopian future. Have a little more optimism and choose a name that doesn't sound like a lunatic in a dune buggy or a German shepherd.

6 Dora

Unless you want your daughter to be permanently thought of as a toddler with a bowl cut, stay away from the name Dora. Though the character is musical, talented and thirsty for knowledge she has one major flaw as a pop culture namesake.

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Dora doesn't age. She doesn't become a well-adjusted woman with a high-power career. Your daughter deserves a name that conjures up images of strength competence and grace. Not an annoying singing map.

5 Draco

Some people have a natural flair for the dramatic. The name Draco is certainly powerful and commanding. It's a contender for anyone looking for an extremely strong name. The problem isn't in the name itself but in the sniveling, whiney little brat who spoiled it. When we first meet Draco Malfoy it's instantly clear what sort of wizarding family he comes from. His self-righteous, smug personality smeared his good name before the end of the first book. If you really want to name your child after an unsavory Harry Potter character there are plenty of other options.

4 Twilight Sparkle

Birth announcements are usually met with joy and enthusiasm from family and friends. Imagine eagerly waiting to see a new baby in your family only to read one of the most humiliating names in human history. My Little Pony has adult fan around the world. Presumably, some of those fans even have children. Love can often blind us which seems to be the case for the parents of baby Twilight Sparkle. This poor kid is going to have to spend the rest of their lives named after a purple horse with a posterior tattoo.

3 Chase

Everyone loves Paw Patrol. Except for the parents of children who loves Paw Patrol. It's easy to have too much of a good thing and no one knows that better than the parent of a toddler binging cartoons. Chase is the scrappy pup policeman who helps his buddies save the day. Along with their human ring-leader Ryder, Chase is always on the case. This name seems innocent enough but school-aged bullies would have a dog-gone good time with it.

2 Juliet

For some reason, Romeo and Juliet still seem like a romantic fairytale to quite a lot of people. Maybe they have a mysterious revision of the play about love-struck children who commit suicide. Everything about the relationship between these two star crossed lovers is creepy. Juliette is a mere 13 years old in the play. Romeo is anywhere from 18 to 23. That's a wildly inappropriate age difference no matter which number is correct. Naming your daughter after this famous tween with a crush is far from cute.

1 Dude

The Big Lebowski is a cultural treasure. It taught us to be okay being out of our element and how to tie a room together with a rug. As fantastic as the film was it's not a great source of anything for a baby, especially names. The film is purposefully filled with flawed characters that no one should really emulate. Everyone wants a laidback kid, but do you want them to grow up with mild alcoholism? When it comes to naming your kids after bathrobe-wearing burnouts, the dude does not abide.

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