10 Baby Names For Christmas Fans

It's not hard to get into the holiday spirit as it seems that once the calendar turns to November 1, Christmas movies are on TV, everyone is talking about what gifts to buy, and snow is in the air. But one thing that is definitely hard is coming up with the perfect baby name.

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If you're expecting a baby around Christmas, or you're pregnant during this beautiful festive time of year, you might want to get inspired by the season when you're brainstorming baby names. There are a lot of names and terms that are used in November and December that could be beautiful choices. Here are 10 baby names for Christmas fans.

10 Holly

Deck the halls with boughs of holly... You can't go wrong with naming your baby girl Holly, especially if you love Christmas and it's your absolute favorite time of year. Just picture all the fun traditions that you can start with your little girl once she's old enough. She'll love that this is where her name comes from.

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According to Baby Name Wizard, "Taken from the name of the holly tree, an evergreen whose stiff, glossy, sharp-pointed leaves and clusters of red berries are used in Christmas decorations. The name is derived from the Old English."

9 Mary

Of course, if you're thinking about baby names based on your love of Christmas, you have to include Mary. The story of Mary and Joseph is a huge part of the holiday and many people tell it every year, not to mention the many plays and nativity scenes that include this tale as well.

We might be surprised to hear that, according to Nameberry, Mary means "bitter." It's still a beautiful name, though, and it will appeal to Christmas fans who want to be traditional.

8 Juniper

When parents are big Christmas fans and want a name that reminds them of this beautiful time of year, what about Juniper?

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Baby Name Wizard sheds some light on the meaning of this name: "Taken from the name of a small evergreen shrub bearing berries used in flavoring gin." It's tough to think of a girl name that is more unique than Juniper, which really has a nice ring to it. Everyone who hears that you chose this baby name will totally fall in love with it.

7 Hope

It's cool when a baby name is both lovely and also inspiring, and that's exactly the category that Hope falls into. If parents are expecting a baby girl, what about picking out Hope as a name?

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Everyone has a lot of hope around the holidays. You hope that you'll have a happy celebration with your family, that nothing will go wrong, and that everyone will remember the reason for the season and not get too caught up in the potential stress. Hope seems like a perfect baby girl name.

6 Ivy

Ivy is a baby name based on a plant, which will appeal to parents who love nature and the outdoors and also want a meaningful name. It looks like this name is chosen quite a bit, as Nameberry put it at number 86 in 2018.

This name will work for parents who love Christmas and want a name based on the holiday season, but who want a name that leaves a lasting impression as well.

5 Belle

Since Jingle Bells are such a big part of Christmas, it makes sense that parents might begin the brainstorming process and then think, "What about Bell?" It's perfectly Christmas-y, right?

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Well, Bell might not seem like an actual name, but Belle definitely is, making this another perfect baby name for Christmas fans. It's so pretty and fits right into the magic of the winter season.

4 Fern

Many people buy ferns around Christmas and they're a really lovely addition to your home. If parents are brainstorming names inspired by the festive season, they might not want to name their kid "Tree" since that's not exactly a great name. But Fern is beautiful.

The Bump says that Fern is a name from Old English and says it's "a name from nature of a green shade-loving plant." It is number 3201 in terms of how much it's used, so this is not only perfect for Christmas fans but also a good choice if you want a unique name.

3 Coco

We know Coco as a French name, but many people consider it a Christmas-themed name since everyone loves making some delicious hot cocoa when the snow starts falling in December. This is a great name to pick since it's not as obviously tied to the holiday as some of the others so it's a little bit different.

According to Nameberry, "At first it was the kind of name that the press loves to ridicule, but we predict Coco's heading for more broad acceptance and even popularity."

2 Douglas

Many people love Douglas as a baby name that reminds them of the holiday since Douglas firs are a beloved choice for Christmas trees.

If you're having a baby boy, why not go with Douglas? It's a nice, strong name and you also get the benefit of calling them Doug for short, which is an adorable nickname. And you can also give your child the option of going by their full name or the nickname once they're old enough to make the decision.

1 Nick

Finally, we have Nick, which is a great baby name for Christmas fans. Of course, we're all thinking about Saint Nick, which is another name for Santa Claus.

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No matter how big of a Christmas fan you are, you might not want to name your baby boy Santa (okay, you definitely wouldn't), so Nick seems like a safe choice. It feels classic and traditional and is also a nice nod to the beautiful winter holiday.

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