10 Baby Name Pairs For Twin Girls

Hearing that you're going to have twins is a super emotional moment. You picture double the cuteness, wonder if you're going to dress them the same, and can't wait to share the good news with everyone that you know. Most of all, you start thinking about what their names are going to be. It seems even more crucial that you choose some truly wonderful names.

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When it comes to twin names, you have two options: you can go with matching names that sound similar or start with the same letter, or you can go for totally different monikers. If you want to find names that sound great together, read on for 10 baby name pairs for twin girls.

10 Jess And Jocelyn

On a list of baby names for twins that begin with the same letter, Very Well Family mentions Jess and Jocelyn. What's awesome about these names is that they feel very unexpected and new.

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If you named your baby girl either one of these names, people would praise your creativity. So it makes sense that if you decide on these for a pair of twin baby girl names, people will love these choices. According to Nameberry, "Jocelyn has gotten new life and popularity as a result of the current passion for lyn endings. Though it was a male name in medieval times, now Jocelyn couldn't sound more softly feminine."

9 Miranda And Amanda

Very Well Family also includes twin names that rhyme on their list, and Miranda and Amanda are two interesting ideas.

These aren't the typical twin names that sound like one another, which is great for parents who want names that complement one another but aren't too matchy-matchy. According to The Bump, "The name was devised by Shakespeare for the heroine in 'The Tempest.' Although the name was created in the 17th century, it didn’t start making it onto birth certificates until three centuries later."

8 Savannah And Sierra

When you want twin girl names that sound lovely together but you don't want names that are going to rhyme, these two are great calls: Savannah and Sierra. Thanks to She Knows, we know about these twin girl monikers that pair so nicely together.

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These are cool names since they work nicely on their own but also as a pair. No one will say that they're too cliche or obvious for twin names. These will be appealing for parents who want to skip names that sound too much like each other.

7 Kira And Kellyn

Very Well Family has Kira and Kellyn on a list of twin girl names, and these are incredibly different, cool names.

Have you heard the name Kellyn before? It seems like a cool take on "Kelly." According to The Bump, "Kellyn as a girl's name has German and Celtic origins. The meaning of Kellyn is 'powerful, bright-headed; slender, fair.'" If the goal is to find twin baby girl names that are awesome as a pair but aren't used a ton, these would be what you're looking for.

6 Jolie And Bella

Parents.com suggests Jolie and Bella and says the meaning behind these baby names is "beautiful." That's definitely a great way to go.

Since these baby names each have the letter "l" and have a similar number of letters, they're a lovely pair and work so nicely together. These names are great if you really like girly names but don't want to go too over the top. These names are definitely just girly enough. It doesn't get much prettier.

5 Luna And Rose

She Knows has Luna and Rose on a list of names for twin girls, and these are so beautiful together. Since "Luna" means "moon" and "Rose" is, of course, a type of flower, these are nature-inspired names that are great when parents want girly, gorgeous names.

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According to Nameberry, Rose was number 123 in 2018. As the website explains, "As a first name, Rose reached its highest point from 1896 to 1921, the early heyday of flower names, when it was in the Top 20, though it had been in use for centuries before."

4 Marguerite And Susannah

Nameberry points out that these two names are gorgeous ones to decide on. As the website explains, "Our choice for girl twin names might be Susannah and Marguerite, united because they both have secret flower meanings (lily and daisy) and are both classic names that lie outside the Top 1000."

That last bit is key if you want names that sound different from all of the other ones out there.

3 Stella And Scarlett

Let's say that you're brainstorming monikers for your twin baby girls who are about to arrive. You keep looking and thinking and thinking a bit more... but while the names are all lovely choices, you want something with a bit more flair.

Southern Living suggests Stella and Scarlett, and these are really great ideas. They definitely have a lot of flair and style, and they'll be bold and stand out.

2 Lily And Daisy

Baby Centre UK suggests these baby girl names for twins, and we love them. These names totally sound like they were made for each other.

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When you're on the lookout for baby name for twins, it's a good idea to think about names that work well together because of their theme. In this case, both lillies and daisies are flowers, so they're great picks. You could also take the name Lily and pair it with another name that starts with the letter "L," or find another "D" name that works well with Daisy.

1 Claire And Chloe

Finally, we have a pair of twin baby names that truly complement each other because they begin with the same letter and feel symmetrical in terms of length. They're also both one syllable.

Baby Centre UK put these names on a list and explains more about the meaning behind them: "Claire is the English version of Clara, a Latin name. It means 'bright' and 'clear.' Chloe originated from Greece and means 'green shoot on a plant or flower.'"

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