Couple Names Child After EMS Worker Who Rescued Them From The Camp Fire

An EMS Fire Chief saved a couple from the Camp fire and in return the couple is naming their child after him.

Anastasia and Daniel Skinner wanted to get away for a mini vacation before their little girl was born. Anastasia was really late in her pregnancy, but she didn't think that she was going to go into labor while she was away. But, she was wrong. Anastasia knew that if she did go into labor that it was going to be very bad because she had a scheduled C-section. It wasn't going to be safe for her to deliver naturally.

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Anastasia and Daniel got caught in the Camp fire. They were circled by flames and they were completely stranded. Anastasia began having contractions and she knew that they were in quite the predicament. They were surrounded by the flames and they were beginning to panic until EMS Mickey showed up to save the day.

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Mickey took the reins and got the situation under control. With the help of Butte County Deputy Sheriff and an Oroville Police Officer, he was able to help the couple out of the flames, through the heavy smoke and to the nearest hospital which was Enloe Medical Center. Due to the help and compassion from Mickey, the couple was able to make it to the hospital before the baby came. Anastasia was able to have her C-section and the little baby came out completely healthy. After everything that Mickey did for the couple, they decided that they were going to name their daughter after him. They ended up naming their beautiful baby girl  Zoele Mickey Skinner. Mickey was able to meet little Zoele when she was two days old and he was honored that they would name their daughter after him.

In a world where so many horrible things happen, it is amazing to see wonderful people in this world doing wonderful things. Congratulations to Anastasia and Daniel on your beautiful little baby girl. A big thank you to Fire Chief Mickey who selflessly put his life in danger to help save the couple and allow little Zoele to be born in a hospital where she got the medical attention necessary for her healthy delivery.

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