Baby Named Google Receives Gifts From Search Engine Giant

Picking out your baby's name is one of the most important decisions when it comes to parenting because it's a name they will be stuck with for the rest of their life.

For most parents, they tend to either go the trendy route or they pick something a bit more unique and 'timeless'. Two Indonesian parents decided to go against the flow of the baby naming norm and decided to name their baby boy after the popular search engine, Google.

Baby Google, although being born last November, only recently grew to fame when his mother, Ella Karina, posted a picture of his birth certificate on social media. After going viral and once the company itself got word of the little one's name, the US search engine reached out to the Indonesian family to send baby Google some 'Welcome to the World' gifts.

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Via babble.com

"They sent several items as a token of appreciation, including a jumper," Ella told Tribunenews, an online newspaper. Ella explains that the company congratulated them on baby Google's arrival and that they hope he will help many people just as the search engine does. Baby Google isn't the first baby to be born in the family but his older sibling didn't get quite the attention-drawing name.

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Although originally against the idea of naming their baby Google, Ella says her husband's idea was actually a good one and that she has no regrets. Now that the company has reached out, Ella feels much more confident in the couple's decision. Although one downside is that it may be hard to search his own name in the future on Google, the name does have a good ring to it as a baby name.

Whatever you pick for your baby's name, whether it be Liam or... Google, be sure that it's one that you won't regret picking a few months into your baby's life and one that your baby most likely won't mind being called for the rest of his/her life. Most importantly, pick a name that suits your family and your baby. Don't worry about what everyone else is naming their babies. If you like 'Google', name your baby Google (or Yahoo... to each their own).

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