10 Baby Names Actually Inspired By Food

Many of us have become foodies in recent years, spending our free time scrolling through food blogs, finding new accounts to follow on social media, and watching YouTube videos featuring chefs and personalities. But when it comes time to pick out baby names, we might not look to the kitchen when we're brainstorming.

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We might feel like we should go down a more traditional and common path, but why not be motivated by our love of cooking and food when making this important decision? Some of these names might sound kind of out there, but they're original and lovely choices. Here are 10 baby names that are actually inspired by food.

10 Brie

Many people love making warm baked Brie for parties, whether to celebrate the holidays or just gather some friends and family around. It's also a great addition to grilled cheese when you want to make things super fancy. And, of course, it's perfect for as part of a charcuterie platter with some grapes or apples and salami and/or prosciutti.

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Did you know that it can be a baby name, too? This is a beautiful name for a baby girl, and as a bonus, it makes you think of Brie, one of the best types of cheese out there.

9 Anise

What about Anise if you're having a baby girl? It's interesting, not heard every single day, and a nice nod to food. Thanks to the Huffington Post, we know about this food-inspired baby name, and we really love it.

As Nameberry says, "Name of the licorice plant, this spice comes in the shape of a star, giving this name an extra level of sweetness." Maybe your little one will grow up to love licorice and consider it their favorite candy since they'll love that it's their namesake.

8 Peach

Mummy Pages included Peach on a list of baby names. It's one of those names that you do hear from time to time but when you stop and think about it, you realize that, oh of course, it's actually based on food.

When you want a really sweet and adorable baby girl name, you couldn't go wrong with Peach. It just makes you happy and it makes you think of a nice, sunny day when it's finally warm enough to go to the store or farmers market and buy some in-season peaches.

7 Coriander

Coriander is a baby name mentioned by Baby Centerand we think that it sounds really cool. We can definitely picture several parents-to-be falling in love with this moniker and wanting to use it for their baby.

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It seems like it could be used for a girl or boy name so it's really whatever you feel is right. When you want a baby name that is inspired by food and you want something that is beautiful as well, you can totally consider Coriander. It feels like something special.

6 Kobe

When you think of Kobe, you think of Kobe beef, but it's actually a baby name as well.

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According to Nameberry, "Basketball hero/antihero Kobe Bryant, whose name was inspired by a Japanese steak house, brought this energetic and appealing name into -- and out of -- the mix."

5 Cayenne

Do you love spicy food? Do you cook with a lot of cayenne pepper? While you might not want to go so far as to name your baby girl or boy Pepper, although that is actually a name that some people choose, you can go with Cayenne as a baby name. It's not your typical choice, and that makes it great.

Cayenne was also included in a list by the Huffington Post and it's a name worth pondering if you want something truly cool and original.

4 Reuben

Would you name your baby after a sandwich? Maybe if you're a huge fan of Reuben sandwiches, which are piled high with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, corned beef, and Russian dressing. This is another name included on a list by Baby Center.

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Of all the baby names that are actually based on food, if you take a moment and forget that this is a sandwich, it sounds like a pretty sophisticated moniker. Reuben sounds like a distinguished person, right?

3 Nori

Nori is a type of seaweed, and many publications say that it has become a name that parents are choosing for their little ones as well. Nameberry notes the famous inspiration behind it: "Kim Kardashian and Kanye West use Nori as a nickname for their daughter North."

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If you're a fan of this food, why not choose it as a baby name? And even if seaweed isn't really your thing, this name is still really appealing. It's definitely beautiful and unique and people will like that you chose something original.

2 Suzette

According to Babynames.biz, Suzette is a baby name inspired by food, and it's a way of making crepes.

Since crepes are so elegant and fancy, this is a really cool idea for a baby name. It's good if you want to go for something that your friends, family, and anyone who you know is welcoming a baby this year wouldn't expect. And the best part about choosing this name? You can totally teach your little one to make crepes (or start with pancakes and then move onto crepes). Talk about the best Sunday morning tradition ever.

1 Thyme

Baby Center put Thyme on their list of baby names that are based on food. This just might be our favorite yet.

Thyme is a sophisticated herb that makes so many dishes better, from roast chicken to potatoes. It just might be the baby name that really speaks to you if you're a foodie who is trying to choose a perfect name.

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