Mamaaaa! 10 Bohemian Baby Names (And Their Meanings)

Names tell us so much about a person and their family. Free-spirited parents may find themselves struggling to find a name that resonates with them as they sift through traditional baby name books.

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If popular names bore you and conservative names have you turning up your nose consider one of these fun, colorful alternatives. We explore names for both boys and girls so there's something for every family. Check out this list and find the perfect thing to call your little flower child.

10 Delilah

A classic biblical name is always a popular choice. This is the perfect choice for a precocious and charming little girl. It means to delight. The Delilah of the Bible famously seduced Samson and took his strength by cutting his hair. Your own cunning and clever little girl can proudly own this name knowing that it represents women who aren't afraid to take what they want. The casual nickname Lilah could soften this name for the more whimsical girl.

9 Paisley

It doesn't get much more hippie-dippie than this. Paisley patterns were all the rage at the height of the hippie era. The meticulous design originated in Persia. Its name is decidedly western hailing from the Scottish town with the same moniker. As a name, Paisley is feminine and playful. It immediately evokes images of barefoot carefree days spent playing in wildflowers. Little girls in pillowcase dresses are sure to suit this adorable name.

8 Deja

Some children are born with an old soul. This name is derived from a French word meaning "something that's happened before." This is the perfect name for little ones who are wise beyond their years seeming to have already walked this world. Deja is the perfect name to let the world know that your little girl is deep and soulful. Tell everyone who meets her that this isn't your daughter's first trip through the universe.

7 Saffron

We're just mad about saffron. As a baby name, that is. This flavorful choice evokes the popular hippie hit by Donavan. The catchy earworm became a major part of the soundtrack of a generation. The world's most expensive spice in the world is the perfect name for your priceless treasure. The rich, warm color by the same name also belongs to a bygone day of peace and love. This name is perfect for the child of anyone who loves color.

6 Calliope

The Greek goddess was one of nine sisters known as the muses. She and her sisters presided over art, poetry, music, and the sciences. Calliope's name means "beautiful-voiced". This name is perfect for the parent who is inspired to create by the love they have for their child.

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The musical instrument known as the calliope captures the wonder and whimsy of childhood. This name is perfect for the child that is brimming with creative energy. It also provides an opportunity for the nicknames Callie or Allie for those that enjoy an offbeat name with a more subtle alternative.

5 Jack


Some major figures in the hippie movement have proudly borne the name Jack. Fans of the beat movement enjoyed the poetry and novels of Jack Kerouac, such as On the Road. His isn't the only memory tied to this simple, classic name. Indie film buffs will remember the titular character in Billy Jack.  This martial-arts wielding hero is an icon. This is a strong name that will suit any adventurous little boy. It's full of snails and puppy dog tails.

4 Patchouli

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If the counter culture movement had an official fragrance it would be patchouli. This whimsical name is unisex but has a masculine vibe. Every time you say your child's name you'll be reminded of the sweet, exotic scent of India. The name could be shortened to Patch for a playful and fun nickname. Patchouli has soothing and relaxing properties making this the perfect name for the mellow baby in your family If you have a child who is a natural peacemaker this is the perfect name. There will be no question if his parents are hippies when he introduces himself.

3 Andy

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Pop art is a staple of hippie culture. The iconic image of a Campbell's soup can is an unmistakable symbol of the 1960s. The piece was created by infamous artist Andy Warhol. The name Andy is derived from the more formal Andrew which means strong and manly. This name is great for the rugged and macho boy as well as an adorable ironic name for the man comfortable with his femininity. Andy is full of the spunk and moxie that make the love generation stand out. It's an adorable choice for any little boy and is equally as sweet for a daughter.

2 Claude

Lovers of the counterculture movement have no doubt seen the musical Hair. The story follows a young man named Claude as he travels to enlist in the military He'll be sent to the Vietnam war which is in full swing the year this film is set. Claude takes up with a troupe of long-haired hippie kids and the course of his life is changed forever. Every detail in the costumes, the music, and the scenes from the films are a beautiful example of the best of the hippie generation. Honoring this musical is perfect for the theater-loving family. If you're aren't a fan of the stage the name is still a sweet and strong option for a boy. Claudette is a beautiful option for a daughter too.

1 Kai

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Beachy vibes are a major part of the hippie movement If your family wants a name that honors the sand and surf, look no further. Kai has Hawaiian origins and translates to "the sea." Pick this name for a child destined for the surfboard. If your family spends more weekends in the sand than in the grass this might be a perfect choice. It's short, strong and casual. The name Kai tells the world that your son is laid back and open minded. Pick this name to evoke thoughts of perfect sunsets and sea breezes when your little guy is introduced.

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