10 Baby Names Inspired By Our Favorite Children’s Books

One of the most important decisions expectant parents make is choosing a name for their baby. There are so many options out there that it’s all-too-easy to feel overwhelmed. Have no fear, we’ve scoured the best children’s literature to find the smartest names out there. This list is for all the bookworms out there.

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From beloved classics to modern twists, these names are inspired by characters that we’ve all grown up with. Some of these have been around for generations while others are taken from recent bestsellers. Please enjoy this list of 10 baby names inspired by our favorite children’s books.

10 Charlotte


Charlotte’s Web is a beloved children’s book written by E.B. White. The name Charlotte would be an amazing option for literary-minded parents. Feminine and sweet, this one is just waiting for you to claim it. Especially if you’re looking for a moniker with a timeless sensibility.

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Charlotte is a French name that is just so girly. This one is growing in popularity and steadily rising on the charts, thanks in part to the fact that William and Kate chose it for their little princess. It does have a royal feel to it and you’d be wise to bestow this lovely name upon your daughter.

9 Max


Book-lovers might recognize the name Max as the little boy in Maurice Sendak's book, Where The Wild Things Are. This magical story has been unlocking the imaginations of little ones since it was first published in 1963 and has been one of the most highly acclaimed children’s books of all time.

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This one is a shortened version of the name Maxwell. We love that it’s a one-syllable name, which is very on-trend right now. A little boy named Max would be a living tribute to this wonderful story. He’d probably be a bit of wild thing himself.

8 Amelia


Amelia Bedelia was the housekeeper who took everything literally in the series of books written by Peggy Parish. This collection of stories has been charming children for decades and we think that Amelia would be a beautiful name for a little girl.

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Amelia just feels industrious, which happens to be the meaning of the name. Not only does it flow off the tongue but it has a strong connotation that will give your daughter a confident start to life. It’s a Victorian moniker that has a modern sensibility to it that would make it feel current. It has an old-lady vibe, which the hipsters are loving these days.

7 Harry

Harry Potter Newborn Photography Session Glasgow

Harry Potter fans will instantly recognize this next name on the list as the protagonist in the J.K. Rowling’s series. If you love wizardry and literature then Harry would be a great option to name your son. Why not name your little guy after the most famous wizard of all time?

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The name Harry is a diminutive of the name Harold and is a German title that can be translated to mean army commander. Your son will know how to take charge with a moniker like this one. It’s distinctive without being too weird. You’d be smart to add Harry to your list.

6 Madeline


If you’re looking for a name that exudes sophistication for your daughter then you’ll love the name, Madeline. Inspired by Ludwig Bemelmans' classic Madeline children's books, this moniker is too pretty to pass up. The story follows the life of a seven-year-old girl who attends a boarding school in Paris and is well-loved by young girls.

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Madeline is an English name that has an elevated feel to it. Your little girl will rise to great heights with this moniker. Soft, sassy, and sweet, a cute nickname for Madeline would be Maddie. It's not a very common name so you won’t hear it repeated a lot in preschool.

5 Arwen


Literary-loving parents will adore the name Arwen, which was taken from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. This was the name of the princess of the Elves in the series and not one that you hear every day. Delicate, other-worldly, and sweet, a little girl named Arwen will lead quite a magical life.

The name Arwen is a Welsh name that would be suited for a fair maiden. It has a medieval feel to it that makes it sound just so romantic. We adore this one. Your daughter will stand out from the crowd, so you’d be smart to put dibs on it

4 Ramona


Looking for a sassy name taken from a children’s book for your daughter? Look no further than the name Ramona. Inspired by the plucky protagonist in Beverly Cleary’s series, this one is absolutely adorable. Little girls have been learning about independence and perseverance from Ramona Quimby for generations.

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Ramona is the female version of the name Ramon and is just so cute. This one isn’t seeing much action on the charts but that just means you should claim it. We think that it sounds totally original without being too eccentric. You won't hear this one called out on the playground very often.

3 Huck


A cute name for a little boy that would be a perfect option for book lovers would be Huck. Inspired by Mark Twain’s classic book Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, this one just sounds strong and masculine. It also gives a wink to the south, so it has an undeniable gentlemanly quality to it.

Huck is an English name that means bog. Despite the fact that it doesn’t have the strongest meaning, it’s still a solid option for literary parents. Be sure to circle this one with a red pen. We love that it’s another one-syllable name, which is so trendy these days.

2 Eloise

baby girl

If you’re a fan of the children’s book Eloise then this would be the name for you. Inspired by the series written by Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight, we can’t help but visualize the saucy little girl that lives at the very top of The Plaza Hotel. Such a plucky inspiration.

Eloise is a French name that just sounds feminine and feels so easy to say. It almost has a lyrical quality to it that makes it even more alluring. This one has been steadily rising on the charts and we think that it’s poised to have a bit of a comeback.

1 Stuart


Who remembers the clever mouse from the children’s book Stuart Little? We think this would be a charming option for a little boy. It’s old-fashioned but somehow feels fresh. Only the coolest parents would consider this moniker for their son. The hipster crowd has been choosing this one lately so it’s becoming more and more common.

Stuart is a French name and another cute spelling would be Stewart. This one has a stately feel to it that make any boy feel proud. It’s one of those that starts out feeling adorable but will grow right alongside your son as he grows up.

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