10 Things To Consider When Choosing A Name

Choosing a name for your little one is hard for any parent. And it seems like no matter what name you select that someone always has an opinion about it. But choosing a name that you and your partner like and want to select for your child for their whole life puts a lot on your plate.

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You want a name that is going to be good for your child that they are going to like and one they can grow into. So keep reading to discover ten things you need to consider when choosing a name for your baby.

10 Are You Naming Them After Someone?

The first thing that you and your partner might want to consider if you are naming your baby after someone. This could be after a family member or friend, but either way, we know that if you name your child after someone they are going to be honored.

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Remember that if you are naming your child after someone it doesn't have to be the first name you chose to select. You can use your child’s middle name as the person you want to name them after, it’s all up to you.

9 Is It A Popular Pet Name?

If you are going through names and you happen to keep going back to names like Troy or Sam to use for your child then you might want to think it through. These names are popular pet names and you do not want to choose a name that is common for a dog or cat.

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This could lead to your child resenting their name if their name is used as their friend's pets. Keep going through the names until you and your partner find a name you both like that is not used for furry creatures.

8 What Are Your Child's Initials?

One thing that many parents do not consider at all when selecting their child's name is their full initials. If your last name starts with an “S” it is best not to select the first name with a “P” and a middle name with an “M” to give your little one the initials PMS.

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So your child will not grow up sharing what their middle name is because of that, but save them the embarrassment and just don’t select names that lead to embarrassing initials for them throughout their lives.

7 How Common Is The Name?

As someone who grew up with a popular name, I hated that there were several other Jessica’s in my classes. Make sure you look to see how popular a baby name is the years you select it and a couple of years before. You want your child to feel like their name is special and that you didn’t just select what is popular at the time. Even though there is nothing wrong with liking and wanting to choose a popular name just make sure you think about how your little one is going to feel with growing up with several other people in the class with that name.

6 What’s The Name’s Nickname?

Some names like Richard have very unfortunate nicknames that come with them. Though you might not think about nicknames at all while you are expecting and trying to find out a name once your little one is born people always tend to find a shorter nickname for any name too long.

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So if you have dreams of naming your son Stephan and you don’t want people to call him Steve and you don't want to have to keep telling people it’s Stephan then you might want to think of a completely different name altogether.

5 Is It An Ex’s Name?

The last thing you want to do your entire life is to look at your little baby and only think of an ex due to their name. Both you and your partner should be allowed to veto any name that is an ex for each of you. No one wants to be reminded of failed relationships, especially when you look at your little angel. So make the rule on the first day of pick names that you are not going to use any ex’s name for either the first or middle.

4 Is It Easily Pronounced/Spelled?

A trend that some parents have been doing recently is choosing a common name and making the spelling different. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to select a unique name for your little one but remember this is one they are going to have to have all their lives.

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And they do not want to have to tell people constantly how to pronounce or spell their name because you wanted to put a silent ‘k’ in the middle of their name to make it special. Remember that a name doesn't make someone special their personality does.

3 Are You Letting Your Spouse Have A Say?

Selecting a name for your baby can bring out a lot of stress. You want a name that is perfect for your baby and sometimes you think of a name years before you are pregnant or even years before you are even in a relationship. Sometimes you need to let the fantasy of a name you heard one go to let your partner have a say. Raising a child is a joint commitment and you want to make sure that you are giving your loved one an equal say in names they like and don’t like.

2 How Long Is The Name?

A name is how your child is going to identify with their whole life so you want to put a lot of thought into it. One thing that you might not even consider when selecting a name is how long and how many syllables it has.

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You want to choose a name for your little one that is not going to be too long. Your child is going to have to grow up and learn how to spell their name and spell it every time they complete a text or paperwork.

1 If It Is A Timeless Name

Some names come and go quickly in popularity. Sometimes people jump on a train of what celebrities are naming their children. But for your child, you want to select a name that is going to be timeless. You want the name to be something your little one can grow into and one they will love whether they are three, thirteen, or eighty. Even though there isn’t a select list of names that will sound good twenty years from now you know in your gut what names works and what will not.

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