10 Rockin' Baby Names Inspired By Country Music

One of the most exciting parts of expecting a new baby is picking out a name. More and more parents are skipping the pressure of choosing a family moniker and are opting to give their newborn a name that has special meaning to them. This collection is for moms and dads who are fans of country music. There are so many awesome options out there.

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We’ve drawn inspiration from classic country stars and titles of chart-topping hits. From the old favorites to names with a modern twist, we hope that you enjoy this list of 10 rockin’ baby names inspired by country music.

10 Dolly

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If you’re a huge country music fan then you will love the name Dolly for your daughter. Inspired by the singer, Dolly Parton, this name is as classic as they come. Why not name your little girl after one of the world's living icons? She will forever be associated with the chart-topping queen of country music.

Dolly is an English name that means Gift of God. This one was popular in the 1960s but fell off the charts over the years. It’s just too spunky and sweet to be forgotten. We think that you’d be smart to bring this one back into the spotlight.

9 Cash

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It doesn’t get much cooler than the name Cash for a little boy. This one was inspired by the “Man in Black” himself, Johnny Cash. His music was popular in the late 1960s and he was known for being an outlaw. A little guy given this name might just have a rebellious streak.

Cash is an English name that means Hollow. It’s also a more casual version of the moniker, Cassius. It didn’t see much action on the charts until it spiked in 2009 and has held its own, ever since. Inspirational, mysterious, and dark, Cash is one to add to your list.

8 Jolene

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While we’re on the subject of Dolly Parton, a cute name for a little girl would be Jolene. This one was inspired by Parton’s 1974 hit song, "Jolene". We think that it would give a wink to country music in a big way. It’s one of those monikers that everyone would comment on.

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Jolene is an American name that could be a female version of the name, Joe. It entered the charts in the 1920s and lost popularity until it rose again in 2010. It’s still an uncommon option that would make your daughter stand out from the rest of the girls.

7 Garth

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Garth Brooks is a country music superstar who would make awesome inspiration when it comes to a boy’s name. The “Friends In Low Places” singer has been producing hits for decades and is one of the world’s most successful artists. Any little boy would be proud to be named after him.

Garth is a Norse name that means groundskeeper or enclosure. It was a popular choice in the early 1900s and fell off the charts in 1993. It’s also associated with the character in the movie, Wayne’s World. Either way, it’s a solid name with quite a masculine vibe.

6 Faith

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Looking for a classic name that will also pay homage to country music? Look no further than the name Faith. This one was inspired by the popular singer, Faith Hill, who has sold over 40 million records worldwide. Not only is it a beautiful moniker but it’s also a virtue name, which is trendy these days.

Faith is an English name that means a strong belief in God. It entered the charts in the 1880s and has managed to stay relevant for over a generation. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban chose this one for their daughter. You'd be wise to pick this one.

5 Hank

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We couldn’t compile a list inspired by country music and not include Hank Williams Jr. on it. His blend of southern rock and blues music is beyond legendary. His fans will be attracted to this one. It has a vintage feel to it but we love that it’s a one-syllable name, which is very on-trend.

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Hank is a German name that is a variation of the more formal name, Henry. This one has seen a recent surge on the charts, thanks to the hipster crowd’s affinity for retro names. Yet, it’s still distinctive so you won’t hear it on the playground often.

4 June

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If you love classic country music then you’ll recognize this next name, for sure. It was the name of Johnny Cash’s second wife, June Carter Cash. She was a singer and dancer who was his partner in crime. Those two were quite the power couple back in their heyday.

June is a Latin name and is also a month of the year. It has a sunny and cheerful feel to it that will make everyone she meets smile. It may seem old-fashioned but it actually saw a spike on the charts in 2018. June is a name that will always be in style.

3 Conway


While we’re focusing on classic country music, we need to talk about the name Conway. This one was inspired by the country artist, Conway Twitty. He was a megastar in the 1960s with such hits as “Hello Darlin” and “The Rose”.

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Conway is an Irish name that means the hound of the plain. It’s a real blast from the past as it was last popular on the charts in 1924 and has fallen a bit out of favor over the years. Don’t let this vintage name pass you by, though. We think that it’s a classic moniker that would totally stand the test of time.

2 Shania

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Shania Twain was dubbed “The Queen of Country Pop” and has sold 100 million records worldwide. We think that she’s quite an inspiration for young ladies and Shania would be a great option for parents hoping to give their daughter a southern name.

Shania is of Ojibway origin and means I'm on my way. It entered the charts in 1995, during Shania’s peak of fame. It all but disappeared in 2010, which just means that it’s waiting for someone like you to reclaim it. Unique, elegant, and lovely, this option would make your little girl feel like she’s one-of-a-kind.

1 Willie

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Anyone who considers themselves to be a true country music fan has to love Willie Nelson. With hits like “On The Road Again” and “Amarillo By Morning”, he’s one of the most recognized artists of the classic country genre. Your son will enjoy being named after such a huge legend.

Willie is an English name that means resolute protection and is a diminutive of the moniker, William. It’s typically a nickname but we think that it stands on its own just fine. Not many parents are opting for this one so it’s ripe for the picking. You should put dibs on this one.

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