10 Baby Names For Fans Of Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy feels like one of those TV series that is the equivalent of comfort food and will also never go off the air. Currently on season 16, the hospital show is all about love, tragedy, friendship, family, and facing up to the past in order to look at a brighter future.

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When you're brainstorming some name ideas for your baby girl or boy, it can be fun to look to a favorite TV show in order to get some more suggestions. Put on your comfiest clothes, grab a blanket and a seat on the couch, and put on a re-run of this amazing drama. Perhaps one of the season finales, which always feature great cliffhangers. Here are 10 baby names for fans of Grey's Anatomy.

10 Meredith

This list of baby names inspired by Grey's Anatomy has to include the name of Meredith Grey, the main character of the series played by Ellen Pompeo. Meredith is quite the namesake. She's been through so many things, most of them tragedies, but she has managed to create a great life and she has pulled herself together.

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Meredith's strength and hope is an inspiration and would make this a really great name to pick for your baby girl. You can also call her Mer for short, as some of the other characters on the show do.

9 Grey

If you're not sure about the name Meredith, what about the name Grey? Meredith's last name would also make a really awesome baby name. It works well for a girl's name. It's also not too girly so that works if you're not big on really pretty names.

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People will definitely find it impressive that you went with such a different baby name, and you'll be sure to hear a ton of compliments from anyone and everyone.

8 Alex

Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) would be an awesome namesake for your baby boy, so it's another cool baby name to choose if you're a big fan of Grey's Anatomy.

Alex has quite the journey on the show, changing from someone who leans too much on his looks and charm to a guy who cares deeply about everyone in his life. He's a great role model since, sure, he still makes mistakes, but he owns up to them and tries to do the right thing.

7 Bailey

Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) is one of the best characters on Grey's Anatomy. She's the boss, she's a mentor, and she's always got the smartest advice.

Bailey is also a really cool name. It's great for boys and girls, so you could even pick it out if you want to be surprised. Everyone will love the chic, amazing name that you chose, and you can share that it was inspired by such a great TV character.

6 Callie

Callie is a beautiful name for a baby girl. You can get inspired by Sara Ramirez's strong, independent character on Grey's Anatomy who always speaks her mind and makes her goals come true.

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Callie is a really cute, sweet name since it feels like a nickname and has that adorable element. This is a nice name to choose that not only has a cool pop culture origin but is also easy to pronounce and spell.

5 Arizona

Arizona is another great baby name for fans of Grey's Anatomy. It's an amazing name to choose for your baby girl if you want a name that feels like it has a lot of strength behind it.

Arizona runs the pediatrics department like a total pro, so she's a great namesake for your little one to have. She's a character who has been deeply missed ever since she left the series as she was cheerful, kind, and stood up for what she believed in.

4 Derek

Okay, so you might not want to name your kid McDreamy, as that might be a bit much... but you can totally name them after Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey). He has his moments of acting like a jerk but for the most part, he's charming and a good partner to Meredith.

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Derek is a classic name and perfect for your little boy. As Nameberry explains, it's "of German origin meaning 'the people's ruler.'"

3 Addison

Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) is only on Grey's Anatomy for a fairly short time but she has a huge impact on the series. She plays Derek's ex-wife and the drama is through the roof.

Addison is another super strong character who is brilliant, compassionate, and can hold her own no matter what situation she's in. She would be the perfect namesake for your little girl so you can't go wrong with choosing Addison for a baby name. It's a gorgeous name.

2 Stephanie

Jerrika Hinton's Grey's Anatomy character, Stephanie Edwards, may no longer be on the show but her name is another great one to pick from the Shondaland drama.

You can call your little girl Steph for short, which is definitely really cute, or just go with Stephanie. According to Nameberry, it means "garland, crown" and it was number 318 in 2018. It's a name that is both pretty and traditional.

1 Ben

Bailey's husband, Ben Warren (Jason Winston George), left the hospital on Grey's Anatomy to become a firefighter, so now he works at Station 19 (also the name of his new TV show). He's a very kind-hearted person who supports Bailey and their dynamic is so adorable to watch.

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Why not pick Ben as the name for your baby boy? It's a sweet classic name and, according to The Bump, many celebrities love this name: "Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen named their second son Benjamin in 2009, followed by John Travolta and Kelly Preston a year later." It's also a great choice if you're a big fan of this popular TV show.

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