10 Baby Names For Fans Of The Kardashians

Kardashian-Jenner fans will truly be able to appreciate the baby names in this article, specifically because each name comes from either a Kardashian, Jenner or from one of their children. Even without being a KUWTK fan, any person would have to appreciate the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s first names, they are all absolutely gorgeous and worth borrowing.

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Names like Kylie, True, and Reign are all incredibly fabulous. These names are famous all around the world. They are truly worth considering for one’s own child. Some of these names are also quite unique and would be great for any baby. Continue reading to see more baby names for the fans of the Kardashians!

10 Kylie

The name Kylie means “graceful” and “beautiful.” It would be the perfect name for any baby girl to own, and if you were to choose this beautiful name for your daughter she is sure to grow up loving this name just as much as you do!

Of course, this name comes for gorgeous Kylie Jenne, a woman who truly fits the meaning of this name. It is at number 51 on the Modern Girl Names list. Another famous Kylie would be singer Kylie Minogue.

9 True

True, as a name, means “real” and “genuine.” Your little one is guaranteed to be one of a kind with a beautiful name like True. This happens to be the name of Khloe Kardashian’s baby girl. This name happens to be gender-neutral as well, which means it could work for either a little girl or boy.

It is a very rare and unique name and only about 2k people in the United States share this same exact first name. The name True actually dates back to January 13, 1874, so this name has quite a bit of history to it.

8 Kendall

Kendall means “royal valley.” This name is inspired by the beautiful model Kendall Jenner. Kendall is another gender-neutral name that can either be given to a baby boy or girl, but it is more commonly given to girls. There are about 92k people in the United States who've shared this lovely name since the late 1800s.

There is also a basketball player named Kendall Marshall, proving that even males can sport this wonderful name. The name Kendall was at its height in popularity back in 2012 when there were over 2.5k babies who were all given this same name in the U.S. It is at number 66 on the Gender-Neutral Names list.

7 Stormi

Stormi is an adorable name for a baby girl, and it seems to have become even more popular after Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott named their daughter after it. Stormi, as a name, doesn’t really have any special meaning other than it being a spelling variation of stormy as in stormy weather.

This name is very rare and unique, and just like the name True, there are only about 2k people who share this beautiful name in the United States. The name Stormi is most popular in the state of Texas.

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6 Khloe

The name Khloe is inspired by the gorgeous Khloe Kardashian. Another spelling variation of this name would be Chloe, the “K” makes it stand out even more! There are only about 37k people in the United States who've shared this same exact name since the late 1800s. In the grand scheme of things, 37k isn’t really that much when you think about all the people that reside in the U.S.

Khloe would be a lovely name for a baby girl, and your daughter would absolutely adore her name as she gets older. A good nickname for Khloe would be Klo - like Glow but with a “K.” This name means “young green shoot.” It’s not the most attractive meaning, but don’t let that hinder how you feel about this name.

5 Kourtney

The name Kourtney is fabulous and is inspired by the wonderful Kourtney Kardashian. The traditional spelling of this name is typically Courtney, but the “K” makes it a bit more unique. So unique, actually, that there are only about 14k other people in the United States who have shared this name since the late 1880s.

This name means “short nose.” It may not be the best meaning in the world, but this is still a fantastic name for a baby girl. Kourtneys tend to be happy and optimistic people; both of which parents usually want their children to be!

4 Dream

Dream is a very rare and unique name for a baby. This name is inspired by Rob Kardashian’s daughter with Blac Chyna. This name is so rare that, just like with True and Stormi, there are only about 2k other people in the United States who have shared this name since the late 1800s.

The name Dream is related to inspiration and hope. It is a gender-neutral name that could either be given to little guys or girls. However, it is typically more commonly given to baby girls. People with this name tend to be freedom-loving and intellectual.

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3 Mason

The name Mason means “to make” or “stoneworker;” nothing too fancy, but regardless it is still a lovely name for a little boy. Mason is inspired by Kourtney Kardashian’s son. Mason is a pretty popular yet common name and there are about 274k people in the United States who have shared this fabulous name since the late 1800s.

When people with this name grow up, they are often high achievers and they make for great problem-solvers. They may have a tough side to them, but they are very loveable.

2 Reign

The name Reign is pronounced like rain. It is a lovely gender-neutral name for either baby girls or boys. This name is inspired by another one of the beautiful Kourtney Kardashian’s children. It is a unique and rare name with only about 3k other people in the United States who have shared this name since the late 1800s.

Reign simply means “rule.” This name would be perfect for parents who want to be surprised by their baby’s gender or who want something that is nongender confining. It can also be spelled Rayne and a great nickname could be Ray.

1 Chicago

Chicago isn’t just a city anymore, it can also be given to babies as a first name. Chicago is inspired by Kim Kardashian’s youngest daughter. Chicago, when used as a name, is so unique and rare that there are actually less than 100 people in the United States who have shared this same exact first name.

Chicago is primarily given to baby boys, but don’t let that stop you from naming your little girl Chicago just like Kim and Kayne did. July of 1883 was the first time this name was documented as a person’s first name in the U.S.

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