10 Baby Names For Fans Of Romantic Comedies

Some people choose horror movies as their go-to genre of choice. Some might prefer to sit down with a bowl of popcorn and a nice action flick. While others believe that the best way to spend their Saturday night is with a classic romantic comedy on their television screen and a box of kleenex within arms reach.

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Have you ever considered immortalizing your love of romantic comedies within the name of your child? If you are finding yourself drowning in baby name books and truly overwhelmed, consider taking inspiration from some of the most classic rom-coms of the modern era.

10 Lucy- 5o First Dates

Not only is Lucy a beautiful and darling name on its own, but the character from which it comes is truly the kind of person that any parent would be happy for their child to grow up into.

In the film, Lucy is a genuinely kind girl who spends her days looking out for those around her and working as an art teacher. She is the kind of girl that would do anything to help out a friend.

9 Violet- The Five Year Engagement

Violet was a name that few parents ever considered for their children at the start of the decade but has now become one of the more popular baby girls names on this list.

Not only is it a beautiful name in its own right, but the character of Violet is a strong woman who knows what she wants and goes out and gets it. And that is the kind of role model that any girl could look up to.

8 Olive- Easy A

Though its male counterpart, Oliver, tends to be a far more popular name, there is just something about the name 'Olive' that is truly special. It is unique enough that there is little risk of your child having to go by an initial at school, but not so unique that her teacher might not even be able to pronounce it.

If you want a child who can laugh at the harder moments in life and learn to take them in stride (just like her namesake,) then Olive is the right name for your daughter.

7 Lainey- Sleeping With Other People

Little Lainey might be the sweetest baby name on this list. There is just something so melodic about the name. It truly rolls off of the tongue and brings a smile to our faces.

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If you want a daughter who is driven, empathetic, and goal-oriented (like her namesake) then Lainey is the name for you!

6 Andie- How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Andie is a perfect name for a prospective child of any gender. Whether you are expecting a little boy or a little girl, this name is wonderful for any child that might come into your family.

In the film from which this name was inspired, the character of Andie is a driven career woman is knows exactly who she is, what she wants, and is willing to say no to an opportunity in order to pursue her dreams. Those are truly admirable traits and someone that we would be glad to name our child after.

5 Ella- Ella Enchanted

Ella is one of our favourite names on this list. It is so delicate, gentle, and beautiful. If you are looking for a feminine and lovely name for your future daughter, this might be the perfect name for you.

Not only is the name itself perfect, but the character after which this name was inspired is a truly wonderful girl herself. This Ella is strong, brave, and is willing to fight for what she believes in with everything she has.

4 Tom- 500 Days Of Summer

The combination of this name and the film from which it comes is the perfect combination of traditional and unorthodox. Tom is a classic name that has been used for decades past and most likely will continue to be used for many years to come. But the film from which it comes is one of the most unorthodox romantic comedies of the modern era.

This can be a wonderful way to give your child a more traditional name but make it a bit more personal than other names you might be drawn towards.

3 Westley- Princess Bride

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A classic name from one of the most classic films of all time. This name is a wonderful choice for all fans of the film from which it comes as it is both a lovely homage to a brilliant character but subtle enough that its source is not too obvious.

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Any child would be lucky to be named after The Dreaded Pirate Roberts. This swash-buckling, princess rescuing, death-defying hero deserves eons of babes named after him.

2 Kat- 10 Things I Hate About You

Though the name Kat is more often used as a nickname for names like Katherine, Kathleen, or Kaitlin, the name is truly beautiful on it own. For parents who are looking for something short and sweet, this adorable name could be the perfect choice.

The character that inspired this name is also worth considering when looking at this name. Any parent would be lucky to have a daughter as sure of herself as her namesake. This character knows exactly who she is and has no time for anyone who does not respect her.

1 Fletcher- Bride Wars

Though we aren't the biggest fans of the character from which this name was inspired, we do have to admit that he did have a rather cool name.

Fletcher is a wonderful name as it gives off a truly unique feeling but it is not so unique that it will cause issues for the child later in life. It also sounds relatively old fashioned yet modern, which is a fascinating combination and makes this name worthy of making it onto the shortlist for your future child!

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