10 Baby Names For Something Different

When it comes to baby names, the possibilities are truly endless. So why do so many parents stick with run-of-the-mill names like Ashley and Connor? There's nothing wrong with those names, of course, but to put it plainly: they've been done.

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With 2020 right around the corner, it's time to spice things up and step outside of your comfort zone. Most importantly, it's time to choose a name for your baby that will make a lasting impact! And sorry, Ashley's just not going to cut it anymore. If you're in the market for cute, adorable names that not every child will have, consider the list we've compiled for you! Here are 10 baby names for parents who want something different.

10 Cosmo

Cosmo is a great descriptive name for a little boy. It inspires feelings of magic and mystery. It makes you think that whoever wears that name can become anything they imagine they can be. Since 1880, there have only been 2,000 babies wiht Cosmo as a first name in the U.S.

Derived from the Greek language, Cosmo means "order" and "beauty," officially. In popular culture, Cosmo is half of the fairy godparent duo of the popular Nickelodeon show, Fairly Oddparents. It's also the real first name of Kramer from Seinfeld.

9 Adabella

Adabella is the perfect name for parents who can't decide between Ada and Bella. Together, Adabella is a beautiful feminine name, fit for any little girl! Probably a future ballerina or maybe, even a pop star!

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Historically, Adabella means "noble" and "nobility." Its origin is is German. Since 1880, only 152 babies in the U.S. have been given the first name,  Adabella. There aren't many popular figures with the name. The most notable is Adabella Nunez, a former contestant of Latin American Idol.

8 Keiran

Keiran is a great name for a boy. Or a girl. It's versatile like that. Plus, Keiran also sounds like Keira, which means it would be great for one-half of a set of twins!

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Historically, Keiran is derived from the Irish language. It means "little dark one." There have only been about 1,000 babies named Keiran in the U.S. since 1880. With stats that low, you wouldn't expect there to any mainstream public figures who could have influenced the rise of that name. And you'd be right.

7 Damita

Damita is a name you don't hear every day, which makes it a great choice for parents looking for something different. It's also, of course, a nice classic name for a little girl.

Damita's origin is Spanish. It means "little noblewoman." There have only ever been 2,000 babies named Damita since 1880. Aside from pop legend, Janet Jackson, whose middle name is Damita Jo, there aren't any famous people who have Damita as any part of their name.

6 Mateo

Mateo is a super cute name for a baby boy. While it isn't quite as obscure as some of its list mates, it's still not mainstream!

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Mateo's origin is Latin. The Spanish version of Matthew, it means "Gift of God." Since 1880, around 47,000 babies in the U.S have been given Mateo as a first name. As far as popular culture goes, Mateo Santos was the name of Mark Consuelo's character on All My Children. Mateo is also the first name of several professional soccer players.

5 Carnation

Carnation is a beautiful, unique name for a little girl. Just saying it aloud invokes feelings of wonder and positivity. Historically, Carnation has French and English origins. It means "complexion" or "coronation."

A carnation is a flower, commonly used in funeral wreaths. It also the name of a brand of evaporated milk and dairy products. Since 1880, there have been only about 100 babies named Carnation.

4 Xain

Xain is a cute, artsy name for little boys. You might imagine a boy named Xain to become an artist or an architect.

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Xain has English origins, but its meaning is unknown. Since 1880, there have been  only about 100 babies with the first name Xain. There don't appear to be any public figures named Xain with the original spelling. There is, however, a pop star named Xain. He was born Zain Malik, but changed his name to Zayn after he became apart of British boyband One Direction.

3 Elettra

Elettra is another unique name for baby girls. It sounds similar to the more popular Electra, but is a little more understated. Elettra might not be a leader, but she'll be a team player, who knows how to support her own weight!

Elettra's origin is Italian. It means "shining" and "bright." Since 1880, only about 100 babies have been named Elettra! So your baby will likely be the only kid in class with this name. It is the first name of Elettra Rossellini-Wiedemann, a famous model.

2 Cree

Cree is just about the cutest name we've ever heard. While it's a popular name for girls, it can also suit boys too!

Cree's origin is Native American. It doesn't appear to have a defined meaning. Since 1880, about 1000 babies in the U.S have been named Cree. While there don't seem to be any famous people with the first name Cree, it is the surname of a few notable figures. As far as first names go, actress Tia Mowry named her firstborn son Cree Hardrict back in 2011.

1 Kaavia

Lastly, we have Kaavia! Talk about a unique name for a baby girl, which isn't widely circulated. But it sure is beautiful! Historically, Kaavia's origin is Indian. It means "full of imagination." Since 1880, only 100 babies have been given Kaavia as a first name.

Right now, there aren't any notable public figures named Kaavia. However, it is the name of actress Gabrielle Union and NBA star Dwayne Wade's daughter, who was born in 2018.  Given the popularity of little Kaavia's parents, we can easily see the popularity of the name rising in the coming years. So grab onto it soon!


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