10 Baby Names Your Friends And Family Will Love

Can you make everyone happy with your choice of a baby name? Maybe. Maybe not. But if you take a look at the Social Security Administration's baby name page and have a peak at the top ten names for 2018, that is a good start. All of the names on this list are top tenners. Lovely Charlotte. strong Liam and old fashioned William are all here.

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As we all know, choosing a name is an important part of becoming a new parent. Here are 10 baby names that are so popular that they have made the Social Security Administration's top ten list. You're going to love them, promise.

10 Emma

It's official! The Social Security Administration tells us that Emma was the number one girl's name in the U.S.A in 2018. It's a friendly, practical name. Emma comes from a German word that means whole. It's related to a whole host of "Em" names like Emily and Amelia.

Actress Emma Thompson and Harry Potter's Emma Watson are typical Emmas. They are friendly, practical and approachable. Emma is a name that will cause most of your friends and family to pat you on and back. Well done mom and dad. Even your mother-in-law will approve. We hope.

9 Liam

Did you know that Liam is a shortened version of William? It means an in-your-face warrior and protector type. Think of the action man actor Liam Neeson and you will get an idea of Liam's meaning.  It is, like Neeson, totally Irish. It's been towards the top of favorite baby names for a while.

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Liam Hemsworth, the hunky Australian actor, is also a very good fit for his name. Talk about an action man. While the name implies a warrior-like character, Liam is still a friendly and happy name, with a touch of Irish, that those around you will almost certainly love.

8 Mia

Mia made is another longstanding popular girls' name. It is Spanish in origin translates to mine or dear darling. It's an affectionate name that implies a connection with the little girl whose name it is. Come over and give me a hug it says. It is also a happy name, my little darling. Will it remain popular in 2020?

Many connect the name with the actress Mia Farrow. However, her "real" first name is Maria. Mia is a great choice and would suit most little girls down to a "T".  It's unpretentious and cool. Your family and your little girl will thank you for choosing it.

7 Noah

Just about everybody will have heard of the biblical Noah, the builder of the ark that saved human and animal kind when the Great Flood hit. In that famous story, Noah was chosen by God to build that famous ark.

It is no surprise then that Noah implies a  sense of rest and comfort, with a touch of dependability and caring. It has been very popular in the U.S. because it is a reassuring and comfortable name for a little boy. It would be hard to see anyone not liking it. It's such a comfortable name.

6 Isabella

A perennial favorite in the U..S., Isabella has a happy, carefree ring to it. Apart from that, it has so many cute nicknames it could give rise to. There's "Izzy" and "Bella" for starters. It's a variation of the name of Isabel and means someone who is devoted to God. Plus, it's regal, as a whole a great many European queens have carried the name.

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But Isabellas can be fierce. Take Isabella of France, the 14th century Queen of England whose fiery and battling nature earned her the nickname of the "She-Wolf of France". She, literally, went to war to protect her family.  But these days? Isabella is a happy-go-lucky name for a special little girl.

5 William

William has been at the top of many popular boys' names lists for just about forever. It was originally a German name meaning protection. It's another regal name with lots of Kings of England taking on the name as their kingly moniker.

How did "Bill" become a nickname for William? Nobody knows for sure, but some think that way back when in England that people swapped soft consonants for hard ones. So, "W" became "B" Famous Williams? Well,  there's England's Prince William and singer Billy Joel. When considering your choice of boys' names, don't overlook William.

4 Sophia

There's a reason Sophia is a perennially popular name for a little girl.  It's a friendly, slightly old-fashioned name that you can abbreviate to nicknames like "Sophie" and "Soph" if you like. It's borrowed from the Greek and implies wisdom.

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Choosing Sophia as the name for your baby girl will almost certainly cause a standing ovation amongst those near and dear to you.  In fact, we like the combination of Sophia with Isabella for first and middle names. A happy pairing for a wonderful little girl.

3 Logan

If you go to Scotland and Wales, you will run up against a great many Logans. It is a bright and cheerful, but dependable kind of name that can probably be said to have once been gender-neutral, a least in the U.S.  In Scotland and Wales, it is totally a boy's name.

True, it was popular as a girls' name in the U.S. for a time in the '90s, but not so much now. So, you can name your little man Logan knowing he manhood will be safe and secure. It's a solid name that will stand him in good stead as he goes through life.

2 Charlotte

Did you know that Charlotte is a derivative of the boys' name Charles? As a man's name, it means a man who is free. You can have fun with, shortening it to Lottie, Lotte or Carlota. And the name has been in the top ten of girls' names since the 1980s. So, it has staying power.

It's another regal name with lots of queens from all over the place taking it on. It does have a slightly old-fashioned feel to it, but that is not a bad thing. And, when your little girl grows up she can be gender-neutral and take on the pet name of "Charlie". It's up to her.

1 James

James is another perennially popular boys' name. It came to us from the Hebrew name Jacob.  Popular pet forms of James are Jimmy, Jim and, sometimes, Jamie. It's the kind of solid name that won't date and go out of fashion.

James Earl Jones, who famously voiced Darth Vader in the Star Wars franchise, is a very well-known James.  If you want a solid name that has regal connections, you can't go wrong with James. It's a good choice you, your friends and family can stand behind.

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