10 Baby Names Actually Based On Fruits And Veggies

Does your child eat their fruit and veggies? Moms ask themselves this question a lot (and also wonder it about their friend's children). There are definitely moments when it feels like your kiddos survive on very plain food alone, such as dry cereal, pasta, maybe some rice, and of course, child-friendly chicken fingers.

Did you ever think about naming your kid a vegetable or a fruit? Maybe not... and maybe it didn't even seem like this was a possibility. It turns out that there are many name options that have taken some kitchen inspo.

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Here are 10 baby names that are actually based on fruit and vegetables.

10 Fig

BabyCenter includes the name Fig on a list and this is definitely a beautiful name... even if naming your baby girl (or boy) Fig seems a bit odd. When you think about it, though, everyone loves figs (or at least most people do) and you're giving your baby a cool name.

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If you want to name your baby a fruit or vegetable and want something that has a lot of flair but also seems simple, it's hard to go wrong with the name Fig. It's a great name. It's not like you're naming your baby Swiss Chard, after all (although, hey, perhaps that's a baby name, too).

9 Basil

BabyCenter also mentions the name Basil. Everyone knows the name Basil, no matter how you pronounce it, but it's easy to forget that this name is actually based on a herb.

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Maybe you think that this is a flawless name that can be given to a baby boy. Or maybe you want basil to stay in the kitchen because you love adding it to pasta sauce or pizza and can't really picture yourself giving your baby boy that name. Either way, it's the kind of name that makes you think since you most likely have an opinion on it.

8 Prune

According to MomJunction.com, Prune is another baby name that is based on fruit and vegetables. In this case, of course, it's a fruit that some people might not ever want to eat, especially if they've had them dried.

For parents who want to give their baby girl a name that is based on a fruit, though, going with Prune might work well. It's got some old-school vibes and is more interesting than the name Apple.

7 Persimmon

Cafe Mom put Persimmon on a list of baby names and it's quite the fascinating choice.

Just think about it: everyone else is going for Samantha or Emily, and you could name your baby girl Persimmon. When someone asked you what your motivation was and how you came across the name, you can say that you wanted to name your baby something cool and also something based on a fruit or vegetable. It'll get the convo going, at least.

6 Shallot

Shallot is a baby name?! Yes, it actually is. It's included in a list of baby names on She Knows.

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Sure, you cook with shallots. You saute them and feel super sophisticated doing so (although your kids might look at them with raised eyebrows and say that they won't eat them even though you say that they will barely taste them). Parents who want a sophisticated baby name might want to go with Shallot. Is it a boy or girl name? Why not both?

5 Julienne

BabyCenter also notes that Julienne is a baby name based on a "style of cutting food." If you've ever sliced your vegetables really, really thin then you have "julienned" them. It's definitely a fancy way of cooking (and you will feel fancy, too).

Why not name your baby Julienne? This is a perfect option if you want a name with some quirk to it but you don't want to name your baby "Lettuce" or something that is too obviously based on a fruit or a vegetable. You might be more comfortable with this baby name. It's a cool one.

4 Mirabelle

At first, this might not even seem like a baby name that is also a fruit or a vegetable. Have you ever walked into the supermarket and seen a bunch of mirabelles in a row or in a perfect stack? Have you ever added mirabelles to your grocery list next to milk and eggs?

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Probably not... but you might have actually seen this fruit around. According to Cafe Mom, Mirabelle is a "type of plum." While of course you could pick the baby girl name Plum, Mirabelle does sound a lot better, especially since it's not quite such an obvious choice.

3 Pepper

Peppers are delicious in a salad, and when you add red, yellow, and orange, it's definitely beautiful. Cafe Mom says that Pepper is also a baby name.

You might think that Pepper sounds more like a boy or a girl name. This is totally up to you. There aren't exactly any hard and fast rules when it comes to baby names, particularly when you're thinking about fruit and vegetable names.

2 Aubergine

Aubergine and eggplant are just different names given to the same vegetable. While eggplant parm is delicious and you might enjoy this regularly, you might not have considered Aubergine as a baby name.

Cafe Mom put it on a list of baby names and it's such a beautiful idea. Like a few of the other baby names on this list, this one isn't so obviously based on a fruit or vegetable, but it's got a lot of class.

1 Berry

Berry is, perhaps, the most interesting choice of all when it comes to baby names based on fruit and vegetables.

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MomJunction.com notes that this name is based on a fruit, and since the majority of people really love berries, it seems like a really good idea. After all, the name Berry is a lot better than Blueberry or Strawberry, so it's not like you're going down that road which might feel like too much. If you want to give your baby girl a different name and don't mind seeing curious looks on people's faces when you say what you named your little one, Berry seems like a cool choice.

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