10 Baby Names For Game Of Thrones Fans

For eight nail-biting seasons, Game Of Thrones had us on the edge of our seats. We have watched with bated breath as our favorite characters have battled their way around Westeros and beyond on their own personal quests for glory, revenge and of course the Iron Throne.

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The series may have come to an end, but that in no way means that one of the best-loved dramas of the last century has been forgotten. Many fans are choosing to pay homage by naming their baby after Game Of Thrones characters, but having a little 'Hodor' running around may not be to everyone's taste. Keep reading to discover 10 names that will pay tribute, without raising too many eyebrows at baby groups.

10 Brienne

Brienne of Tarth is a force to be reckoned with. The ultimate tomboy, she is a strong and savvy lady who can more than hold her own with the boys. With sword skills to envy and a heart of gold, Brienne is a perfect name to give a baby girl.

This name is of Celtic origin and means 'strength'. Because this name was not created for the book, it might go unnoticed until you meet another fan, but it is a lovely name in its own right.

9 Bronn

Bronn of the Blackwater could be described as a bit of a cheeky fellow, that's for sure. He is also resourceful, witty and loyal (for the right price!)

Bronn is a name that is certainly a bit unique but it's not so different that your little one will feel like they have a 'fantasy' name. If you wanted to make things more straight forward, you could even drop an 'n' and opt for 'Bron'. If you are having a baby girl and love this name, you could opt for the feminine counterpart 'Bronwen'.

8 Margaery

Ambitious, clever and beautiful, Margaery Tyrell is not a bad namesake for your baby girl. The characters' name puts a twist on the spelling of the more familiar and traditional 'Margery/ Marjorie' which hails from the Middle Ages and Tudor period in Scotland and England and means 'pearl'.

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A name that holds a precious meaning and is inspired by someone who manages to successfully rise through the ranks to become the Queen is surely a winning choice.

7 Jaime

Naming your child after Jaime Lannister will allow them to fly under the Game Of Thrones fandom radar until someone sees it written down.

In another spelling twist of a more common and traditional name, Jaime is a strong and simple name that won't cause confusion, while still giving the nod to your favorite fantasy series.

The character is loyal and loving to those close to him, despite his slightly scary nickname of 'King Slayer'. Jaime is a name that would suit a boy or a girl, as is the case for its' better known unisex variant 'Jamie'.

6 Shae

Shae is a simple, short name that packs a punch. There has been a rise in popularity of one-syllable names lately, and Shae fits the bill nicely. Originally from Gaelic origins, the name means 'full of majesty'.

Whilst the name is most commonly given to girls, it is actually a name suited to both genders. When used for baby boys, it is usually a nickname for Seamus. This being said, there is nothing wrong with giving a name that is traditionally seen as a nickname as your babys' full name; it will just be that little bit more unique.

5 Jaqen

This one is a little more unusal than the rest, but that isn't a bad thing. In a world where celebrities are choosing unusual and lesser known names, Jaqen would fit right in.

There isn't much to be said in terms of meaning for this name, as it seems to have come to be known mostly in relation to Jaqen H'ghar from Game Of Thrones. The character is mysterious and adaptable, famously describing himself as 'no-one'. While this could be seen as a negative sentiment, why not turn it upside down and read into it that he can create his own destiny, and as a result of being 'no-one' he can actually become whatever or whoever he likes.

The nick-name 'Jack' could easily be used, quickly transforming this name from exotic to more traditional.

4 Catelyn

Catelyn Stark is the matriarch of House Stark. She is a strong and savvy lady who is loving and loyal. The name Catelyn (pronounced CAT-lyn) is a variation of Caitlyn (pronounced KAYT-lyn) but let's face it, you can pronounce it however you like.

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Catelyn is an Irish name that means 'pure' meaning it would be ideal for a newborn baby girl with her whole life ahead of her and a blank slate to fill.

3 Jon

If you're going to name your baby boy after a Game Of Thrones character, the King In The North is a decent choice. If you're feeling exotic you could always go with his true name 'Rhaegar', but sticking to Jon may be a bit easier for your little one to get to grips with.

This spelling variation of the traditional 'John' is from Hebrew origins meaning 'grace of God'. This is another name that could be given as a stand-alone name, or you could use it as a nickname for Jonathan.

2 Olenna

Olenna Tyrell - Queen of Thorns and sassy attitude. A firm fan favourite, Olenna seems to see through all the nonsense taking place around her. She is able to cut through the noise and see people for what are who they are; what a brilliant skill to have.

Olenna is a spelling variation of the Greek name 'Olena' which is one of the many variations of the name 'Helen.' Olena means 'bright shining light', a lovely sentiment for your new baby girl.

1 Ramsay

Ramsay Bolton is the villain that we loved to hate. Traditionally a surname, Ramsay has become more popular as a first name.

This may be a good choice if you want to give your little one a more edgy name, because of the character link. The name can be translated to mean 'low lying land', and the spelling RamsAY is traditionally Scottish, while the English counterpart is RamsEY so you have a couple of options to choose from.

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