10 Baby Names That Are Perfect For Horror Fans

Naming your baby may be one of the most difficult tasks you have to undertake as a new or expectant parent. This name will be with your little one for the rest of their life and could impact on all sorts of aspects of their future; confidence, self-image, personality...the list goes on! They will sign it on their rental agreement, mortgage documents, marriage certificate, and perhaps even the birth certificate of their own little blessing one day.

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It's a lot of pressure, for sure! Many of us turn to our hobbies and interests for inspiration. What to do if you are a horror fan? You probably are not going to want to call your precious new arrival something too unusual like Frankenstein or Vampira, so keep reading to discover ten baby names that are perfect for horror fans whilst still being subtle enough for everyday life

10 Lola

From Spanish origins, Lola is derived from 'Dolores' so it could be given as a nick name or a stand alone name in its' own right. Feminine sounding and timeless, this name is shared by Lola Stone, one of the main antagonists from 2010's Australian horror film 'The Loved Ones'. This horror film is not as well known as some of the others on this list, so this is a nice subtle nod to the genre. Strong and determined, Lola gets what she wants.

9 Blair

This gender neutral name is perfect for your spooky little miss or mister. Originating from Scottish Gaelic roots, the name means 'plain' or 'open field' (as reported on babycentre.com). You could jazz up the spelling to 'Blaire' for a more modern twist, or stick to the original spelling. Whichever way you choose to spell it, fellow horror fans will be sure to catch the reference to 1999's iconic found footage film 'The Blair Witch Project'.

8 Bates

Traditionally a surname, Bates has been adopted as a first name after rising to popularity with the 1998 remake of the 1960s horror film 'Psycho'. The cult classic film saw Norman Bates and his mother (well, sort of!) running their motel which shared the Bates name. This name sounds fresh and modern, and the more recent TV series adaptation 'Bates Motel' keeps this classic horror reference relevant to this day.

7 Emily-Rose

Traditional baby names have been coming back into style in a big way. What is better than one tradition name? Two traditional names, of course! This super feminine double-barreled baby name is taken from the titular character in the 2005 horror film 'The Exorcism Of Emily Rose'. This film is based on the true story surrounding Anneliese Micheal, a young girl from Germany. Emily (from the Latin Aemilia) flows perfectly with the classic and floral name Rose to create a pretty and timeless name for your little one.

6 Clarice

Fans of the films of Hannibal Lecter will have the sound of Sir Anthony Hopkins' voice calmly greeting Clarice Starling from his high security cell etched into their minds. Clarice, who features in the 1991's 'Silence of the Lambs' 'Hannibal' and 2001's 'Hannibal' is  strong, intelligent and resilient woman. Who wouldn't want these traits for their child? This Latin based name means 'bright' (as reported on babycentre.com) so this name is ideal for any future intellectuals.

5 Amanda

One thing is for sure, Amanda won't be picked last in gym class (fans of the Saw films will get that reference!) Choosing your child's name is not a game, and Amanda is a safe and solid option.

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This Latin name meaning 'worthy of love,' makes a great choice for your cherished daughter. To change things up a bit, Amanda could be shortened to 'Mandy', a nod to 'All The Boys Love Mandy Lane', so either way fans of the horror genre are on to a winner.

4 Micah

This one is very subtle. Micah is one of the main protagonists in 2007's spine-chilling found footage film 'Paranormal Activity'. This name comes biblical origins, meaning 'who is like God' in Hebrew. This means that horror fans from even the most conservative or religious families can pay homage to their favorite genre with their baby boy's name, whilst not getting themselves uninvited from Sunday dinner. It's a win win!

3 Otis

Hopefully if you choose to name your son Otis, he won't grow up to be a little devil! Otis Firefly is part of the Firefly Family portrayed in Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses and Devil's Rejects. This name is of Greek and English origins, meaning 'one who hears well' in Greek and 'prosperous and wealthy' in English (as reported on englishboysnames.co.uk). A wealthy, good listener sounds like a winning choice! It strikes the perfect balance between 'old fashioned' and trendy. Choose to name your child Otis, and you know he will listen when you ask him to eat his greens.

2 Ash

A short, sweet and strong name, Ash is a popular choice. It could be used in it's own right, or as a nickname, for either a boy or a girl. In this case, we have taken it from Ash (Ashley) Williams, the main protagonist of the Evil Dead franchise.

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Whether it was in his heyday waving his 'boom-stick' at Deadites, or more recently protecting trailer parks from scary old ladies in the TV adaptation Ash vs Evil Dead, Ash Williams is a cool guy.  Why not give a nod to this chainsaw handed hero by naming your little Ashley or Ashleigh after him.

1 Tate

This is one for American Horror Story fans. The name Tate has its roots in English and Norse origins with the meaning 'to be cheerful' (as reported by babycentre.com). Fans of the show will see the irony when contrasted with character Tate Langdon's personality, but what a lovely sentiment to have for your new baby. Monosyllabic and strong, Tate has a modern feel. This may be thanks in part to the Tate Modern, an art gallery in London, meaning this name is also well suited to those with an interest in culture and the arts.

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