10 Baby Names Even Indecisive Parents Will Want To Choose

There are definitely two kinds of people: those who make snap choices and don't think about it again... and people who are so indecisive that any decision is a really huge deal. While it's not a big deal if you can't make up your mind about whether you're craving pepperoni or mushrooms on your pizza tonight (hey, maybe you'll even order both), when you become a parent, you want to be able to make decisions a little bit faster.

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Picking out a baby name is a big decision for parents-to-be and if you have trouble choosing between the ones on your short list, we're here to help. Or maybe you don't even have a short list yet because there are just so many names.

Here are 10 baby names even indecisive parents will want to choose.

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10 Finley

If you and your partner are having a tough time picking through potential baby names and even finding just a few that sound good, then why not go with Finley? This is a beautiful name that even parents who can't make up their minds will love.

According to Nameberry, Finley is a boy's and a girl's name. As the website explains, the name is "now among the most popular unisex names." The meaning behind this name is "fair-haired hero." In 2018, it was number 163 in terms of popularity.

9 Kacey

When you hear the name Kacey, you just have to love this baby girl name, even if you have an indecisive personality and typically find it really tough to settle on any decision. While there are some names that are much more subjective, this is the kind of name that everyone is going to admire and respect.

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Babble notes that that name is a "form of Casey" and it's definitely true that you see this name with a "C" a lot more often. For that very reason, Kacey is an undeniably awesome baby name.

8 Dakota

Dakota is another baby name that even indecisive parents will love. It's a truly gorgeous and darling name that just sounds like the most perfect name ever for a tomboy, but it sounds nice if your baby girl grows up to be much girlier.

Nameberry says that Dakota means "friendly one." According to the website, "One of the first trendy nineties western place-names, now flagging a bit in popularity. Young actress Dakota Fanning helped give it a feminine spin."

7 Reid

According to SheKnows, Reid is a good pick for a baby boy name. It does seem like the kind of name that will put brainstorming to rest and make you go, "That's the name."

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If you really like the name Reid but know that you're having a girl, you could definitely choose this name for her as well. When it comes to picking out baby names, it can be fun to break the rules a little bit.

6 Adalynn

Sometimes, all you need is to hear that one name that makes you realize that this whole looking for a baby name thing isn't quite so tough after all, and now you have the perfect name for your little one.

That name could be Adalynn. VeryWellFamily put Adalynn on a list of baby girl names, and it has the benefit of being a different name that parents don't seem to pick out all the time.

5 Jacob

You've gone through baby books, searched online for hours every day for the past week, and feel like every baby name sounds great so you can't possibly pick just one.

Then you hear the baby boy name Jacob and think that it is just so cute, you can't not choose it. This name is mentioned on a list by TheBump and as a bonus, you can call your little guy "Jake" as a nickname.

4 Ellie

Ellie is an incredibly cute baby girl name, which means that when you suggest this name to  your partner, they're going to agree that this is the moniker that you absolutely must choose.

Thanks to VeryWellFamily, we know about this name, which is a beautiful choice. You could also go with the baby girl name Ella if you want, although Ellie is even more adorable.

3 Sebastian

SheKnows says that Sebastian is a "Greek name meaning 'revered.'" That's definitely a cool vibe attached to a baby boy name, so this could be the name that gets you and your partner to stop searching and think, "Yup, this is it, we've made our decision."

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Of all the boy names that start with the letter "S" it's safe to say that Sebastian is a really good one. It's got more going on than "Sam" (even though that's a nice name).

2 Lex

Thanks to Babble, we know about the name Lex, which should the type of name that you hear every single day but it is much more unique than that. As the website says, "Given its epic Greek meaning, this name carries a sense of grandeur and bombast in a single syllable."

Lex is a perfect baby boy name and will appeal to even those parents-to-be who can't quite agree on a baby name... or even get close to coming to a final decision. When you tell family and close friends that this is the name that you love, they're going to think that it's a great idea.

1 Thomas

A truly gorgeous name that parents will always pick out, Thomas is a baby boy name that will appeal to even the most indecisive as parents. According to TheBump, "Thomas is a strong and traditional classic."

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When you feel like your search for the best baby name has gone on too long and looking at even more names is just stressing you out, Thomas could be the name that finally sounds great. There's no reason not to adore this name, and it could be the name of your sweet baby boy.

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