10 Dramatic Baby Names Inspired By Broadway Musicals

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Some of the most breathtaking baby names can be found on the stage in Broadway musicals. Parents who are fans of musicals will want to read this list twice. We’ve taken inspiration from the most popular shows out there to compile a collection of famous names. From dramatic operas to campy productions, we’ve covered it all.

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Many of these monikers are timeless options that are instantly recognizable, while others are a bit more obscure. Either way, a kid given any of these names will grab everyone’s attention. Please enjoy this list of 10 Dramatic Baby Names Inspired By Broadway Musicals.

10 Jet

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Fans of the musical West Side Story will adore the name Jet for their son. This one gives a wink to the teenage gang, “The Jets”, who were rivals with “The Sharks” in the play. It’s a cool moniker that will give your little guy a bit of an edge.

We love that it’s so distinctive and hasn’t really found a place on any of the baby name popularity lists. Be the first of your friends to claim it. John Travolta and Kelly Preston chose this one for their late son. Although, they opted for the more common spelling, Jett.

9 Annie

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Looking for an optimistic name that also gives a nod to Broadway? Look no further than the name Annie. This sunny moniker will forever be associated with Little Orphan Annie, and we think that’s a good thing. It’s so spunky and sweet that everyone will grin when they meet your daughter.

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Annie is an English name that means grace. It’s the sassier version of the old-fashioned moniker, Ann. We think this one would be so cute for a little girl with red hair. It is one of our favorite vintage baby names, which are very on-trend these days.

8 Conrad

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The name Conrad would be perfect for a little heartbreaker. Inspired by the musical, Bye Bye Birdie, this moniker tips a hat to the teen idol, Conrad Birdie from the play. Don’t let this retro baby name slip by unnoticed. We think it’s just too dapper to ignore.

Conrad is a German name that means brave counsel. We love that it has such a masculine meaning. It entered the charts in the late 1800s and was a popular choice in the 1930s. This one saw a bit of a resurgence in 2018 but isn’t one that you hear that often.

7 Roxie

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Roxie is one of those jaunty names that has managed to stand the test of time. This one was taken from the brazen heroine in the musical, Chicago. It’s a cute nickname for the moniker Roxanne but we think that it can totally stand on its own.

It’s a Persian name that means dawn. It fell off the charts after the 1960s but we’re hoping that it can step into the spotlight once again. Bold, fun, and adorable, Roxie is a showstopper that’s been waiting for you to snatch it up for your daughter. She’ll love having such a unique name.

6 Link

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If you’re a devoted fan of the musical Hairspray, then you’ll go wild for the name Link. Inspired by the character, Link Larton, this charming name should not go unnoticed. We can admit that it’s a little bit unconventional, which is what we love about it!

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Link is an English name that means 'down by the pool'. It’s a variation of the moniker Lincoln. Although we prefer this short and sweet version so much more. It also gets a few points for being a one-syllable name, which is currently so on-trend. Your son will stand out from the crowd if you name him Link.

5 Glinda

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Glinda is an enchanting option for parents who love fairy tale inspired names. This one was taken from the beloved musical, The Wizard of Oz. Your daughter will lead a magical life if you name her after the Good Witch.

Literary-minded people will be attracted to Glinda as well since the character originally appeared in the book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, written by the author, L. Frank Baum. This one entered the charts in the 1940s and fell out of favor after the year 1955. Don’t let that stop you from picking this beautiful name for your little girl.

4 Alonzo

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Do you love the musical Cats? If so, then you should consider naming your son Alonzo. Why not name your little boy after the confident feline character? Cats is one of the longest-running musicals on Broadway and this would be a great way to pay tribute to the play.

Alonzo is an Italian name that means noble. It’s also a variation of the moniker Alphonso. We love that it has such a manly feel to it as well as having such a powerful meaning. It’s a dashing choice that will grow up alongside your son as he goes through life.

3 Carlotta

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Carlotta is a striking name that was inspired by the character from the musical, The Phantom of the Opera. We think that it would be just right for a little girl that has a flair for the dramatic. Your daughter will feel like a prima donna with a moniker like this one.

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It’s an Italian name that means free man and is an exotic variation of the name Charlotte. It all but disappeared from the charts after the 1960s but we think that it can steal the stage once again. It’s just too dramatic and lovely to be lost and forgotten.

2 Oliver

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Oliver would be the perfect name for parents who love classic literature names and also want to celebrate musicals. Taken from the play Oliver!, this one was inspired by the Charles Dickens novel, Oliver Twist. It’s a timeless name that has managed to stay trendy.

Oliver is a Latin name that means Olive Tree. More and more parents are choosing this enduring moniker. It’s held steady on the charts since the 1880s and even saw an uptick in 2018. It seems like the name Oliver is here to stay. Strong, dependable, and handsome, it’s a solid option for a cute little guy.

1 Eliza

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You might recognize the next name on the list from Eliza Doolittle, the protagonist from the musical, My Fair Lady. It’s a polished option that is just so alluring. Of course, we can’t help but think of the transformed and sophisticated character played by Audrey Hepburn in the film version.

Eliza is a Hebrew name that means pledged to God. It’s the shortened diminutive of the more formal moniker, Elizabeth. We think that a delightful nickname for this one would be Liza. It’s a classic option that will never go out of style. Be sure to add Eliza to your list of possible names.

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