10 Baby Names Inspired By The Elements

The name you end up giving your child is important. It is going to be how they identify and something they have throughout their whole life. When you select a name for your baby you want to make sure you took your time and thought it through. Many parents now want to make sure that the name they select does not just sound nice, but also has a special meaning. If you are connected to the Earth and the elements water, fire, and air then you need to keep reading this list to find the best baby names inspired by the elements.

10 Mishal

If you are having a baby boy Mishal is a perfect name to give him inspired by the elements. According to Names.org, the name Mishal means flame. Giving your son a name that means flame will inspire him to live a life that he is passionate about.

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And as parents that is all we want for our kids. Mishal is also great if you are looking for a name that is not as widely used. So give your son a name that will inspire his life with the name Mishal.

9 Aria

Finding out you are having a little girl is exciting, but finding the right name for her can be tough. The name Aria is a beautiful name that any daughters will surely love. Names.org has reported that Aria means air. The element air is not just important for us to live, but will also be a memento to your daughter to live a life that is light as air and to not get weighed down by meaningless things. Select a name that your daughter will love as much as you do and give her the name Aria.

8 Skye

Sometimes when you are finding a name that is for a special little boy you want a name that is going to have a softer sounding name for him. Skye is a name your son will surely love at any stage of his life. Names.org mentions that the name Skye means the sky and air above.

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This is a beautiful saying that will make your son light up whenever he remembers the meaning of his name. Let your son feel connected to the elements by giving him the name Skye.

7 Terra

Terra is a gorgeous name that will be perfect for your little girl. Names.org shows that Terra means Earth. And naming your daughter after the element Earth will always remind her to be grounded. This is going to be useful in her life to make sure she stays who she is and to remember what is important to her no matter where life takes her. Who doesn't want their child to always remember who they are? Give your daughter a name she will be proud to have with Terra.

6 Flynt

When using looking for a name for your baby boy you might want one that is underused since you do not want every other boy to have your son’s name. The perfect name that is uncommon enough where he will be the only boy with his name is the name, Flynt.

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Parents.com says that the name Flynt means river. Water is a powerful element that helps everything around it life and flourishes. Giving your little one a name that means water will encourage your son to live a life where he can grow into whatever he wants.

5 Isla

Isla is a fantastic name that you can give your daughter to let her feel sloe to elements. According to Names.org, the name Isla means island. Island can be linked to two elements: water and Earth. These two elements can inspire your daughter to be like both of them. To let her go with the flow with water, but to stay grounded in certain ways like Earth. This combination will be a yin and yang in your daughter's life that will always be pushing her in the right direction.

4 Tal

A charming name that you will love and we know your son will love too is the name Tal. Tal is a short, elegant name that will be perfect for your son as he grows into it. Names.org mentions that the meaning of the name Tal is dew or rain.

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Giving your son a name that is related to water will always make him feel like connect to mother Earth. Make sure to add the name Tal to your list if you want a boy name that is related to the four elements!

3 Reva

Reva is a delightful name to give to your little girl. Name.org reports that Reva means rain. Rain is an important element for our planet. We need rain to help grow everything in our world. And even though at times rainstorms can seem scary this name will be a memento for your daughter to keep pushing through until the storm passes. It is only after the storm passes and the rain stops that your daughter will be able to see the path she should be taking in her life.

2 Kai

A classic name for a charming boy is Kai. Kai is unique yet stunning that will make everyone who hears it jealous that they did not use it. Names.org states that the name Kai means ocean. Giving your son this name will remind him that just like the ocean, life can be calm and then overwhelming at times.

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This name will always be there to remind him to keep staring his boat until he finds peace. Select this name for your son if you are looking for a perfect name that is inspired by the water element.

1 Gaia

A sweet name for a baby girl is the name, Gaia. Gaia is inspired by the Earth since Names.org as mentioned that the name Gaia means goddess of the Earth. It is believed that the goddess of the Earth gave birth to the Earth. Though this is an old tale it can encourage your daughter to live on this planet as Earth-conscious as possible and not to leave any marks on this world, but good ones. So choose a name that will connect your daughter to nature with the name Gaia.

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