10 Baby Names Inspired By Strong Women

Choosing a baby name is not an easy task. Some people go with a family name that has been handed down, generation after generation. Many couples go through books and lists of names, narrowing down their favorites. Sometimes, a person can hear a name and just know that is the one they want. Several people opt for names that mean something.

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For those who are looking to name their daughter after a strong, powerful and influential woman, look no further; these 10 baby names are all inspired by well-known females, and they are all quite beautiful, too.

10 Amelia

Amelia Earhart was the first female pilot to make a trip by herself across the Atlantic Ocean. Her name is known by many, and she was a true leader in the field of aviation. She set other records, wrote books about her life and career, and helped to start The Ninety-Nines, a group for female pilots.

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Whether little girls named Amelia grow up to fly planes or not, they should take inspiration from this industry-leading woman from history, and they should know that they have a very old-fashioned and a very pretty name to love.

9 Chanel

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, who is better known as Coco Chanel, is one of the most famous fashion designers of all time. Her designs were revolutionary, and her brand is still one of the most iconic ones out there. Plus, due to the fact that she was French and also the price point of Chanel items, there is a certain elegance surrounding her, her business, and her name.

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That being said, Chanel is the perfect name for a little fashionista, and it is easy to imagine a trend-setting baby with her own signature scent and monogram.

8 Sandra

Sandra Day O'Connor was the first woman to serve on the nation’s Supreme Court. Over the years, as a judge and an elected official, she played a crucial role in landmark cases. Due to her career, she is often called one of the most powerful women in the world, and she even received a Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama.

Regardless of anyone’s views on politics, Sandra is such a cute name for a baby girl. Plus, knowing that she was named after such an influential and knowledgeable leading lady is extra special.

7 Clara

Clarissa Harlowe Barton, who is known as Clara Barton, was the founder of the American Red Cross. During the Civil War, she was a nurse—a job she taught herself how to do. Throughout her life, she also did a great deal of humanitarian work and was an advocate for civil rights.

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All of those reasons are good ones to name a child Clara (or Clarissa), as is the fact that Clara is such a sweet choice! It is another with a vintage vibe to it, and it would suit a caring and hardworking girl well.

6 Nellie

Elizabeth Cochran Seaman’s pen name was Nellie Bly, and this woman did some incredible things. First, she took a trip around the world in 72 days, which was a record. Then, she wrote an exposé on a mental institution while pretending to be a patient there. Besides being a pioneer in journalism, she was also an inventor and industrialist.

Nellie Bly’s story is not as known as some of the others on this list, but isn’t Nellie another terrific choice? It is unique, it is fun, and it is inspired by a strong and influential journalist from the past.

5 Cleo

Cleopatra was an Egyptian queen, and she is one of the most known women who has ever existed. Her life has been retold through art, movies and stories, and she is portrayed as being a beautiful and powerful leader.

While not everyone may think that Cleopatra is such a great name, the shortened version of Cleo is quite nice. It is another one that is quite original, and the inspiration behind it would surely lead to a one-of-a-kind baby girl; she could become a leader, royalty, a film star or not, but with that name, she would shine.

4 Rosa

Rosa Parks played a big role in the civil rights movement. Her story involving the Montgomery bus boycott is legendary, and at a young age, people start learning about her and her activism.

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Being named after such an icon would be an honor. This is, indeed, the land of the free and the home of the brave… because of people like her. And even if people don’t realize where a baby’s name came from, they will all surely agree that Rosa is just a gorgeous pick overall and definitely one for expecting parents to keep in mind.

3 Toni

The most famous Toni may be Toni Morrison, but this entry is about Toni Ko, the founder of NYX Cosmetics. She was born in South Korea but moved to the U.S. when she was 13. After receiving startup money, she started this well-known beauty brand, earning $4 million in her first year. Later, she ended up selling to L'Oréal for $500 million, and now, she has gone on to start a sunglasses company and a venture firm that focuses on investing in woman-owned businesses.

And Toni is another awesome name that parents can consider for their baby girls… especially those who are already aspiring to grow up and start their own companies.

2 Sally

Sally Ride is another known woman who played a neat role in her field; she was the first female from the U.S. to go to space, the third woman to ever do so and the youngest U.S. astronaut to have done so. She was also a professor of physics.

Whether a baby named Sally grew up to be an astronaut or not, this is another powerful name that is inspired by another driven woman in history. And like the others on this list, it is also very pretty, as well.

1 Catherine

There are and have been several notable females named Catherine, and many of them are royalty. Catherine of Aragon was Queen of England. Catherine Parr was Queen of England and Ireland. Catherine the Great was Empress of Russia. And Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is married to Prince William.

Therefore, the last name suggestion on this list is Catherine, a solid and sweet name that certainly has a princess vibe to it. And princesses are young women of power who oftentimes grow up to be powerful queens, which is a nice, big and lofty dream for a girl to have.

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