10 Baby Names Inspired By Your Favorite TV Shows

When it comes to baby names, there are a myriad of sources you can look into that will give you the answers you're looking for: reading your favourite fictional books, suggestions from friends and parents, flipping through a classic book of baby names, or even fun articles  that allow you peruse the many options at your disposal.

What factors are important to you in naming your child? Is it that the name is creative, or makes for a good nickname, or that it has a positive connotation or significance? If you're looking for all three, why not look at your favorite TV shows for some inspiration? Here are ten names from five TV shows that will put a smile on your face and bode well for your babe:

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10 Game of Thrones: Podrick

Although the show is not known for its child-friendly subject matter, there are some names that stand out. Podrick, for one, can have many variations in its spelling and can be switched out for its English counterpart, Patrick. Though the squire is more on the quiet side, he is kind, eager to learn, and a knowledgeable person with the voice of an angel.

Like Brienne, he is one of the few characters that remained honorable and true throughout the series. It's so rare that you find a character so pure and good, especially in a show like Game of Thrones.

9 Game of Thrones: Brienne

Known for its many possible pronunciations, Brienne means "strong" and "she ascends." This is another perfect name to pick if you're someone who is an avid Game of Thrones fan and values honor as well as the few who hold goodness in their heart, like your child one day will.

If you're more of a subtle GOT fan and don't want to copy her name as is, you could also use a different variation of the name such as Brianna, Bryanne, Brina, Breanne, and Brenna - just to name a few. As a second added bonus, unlike other certain female protagonists, you know that Brienne's story ends well.

8 The Big Bang Theory: Penny

At its core, BBT is well-known for its punny zingers, cheesy laughing track, and making headlines - in a good way. As for the characters, fans can see the goodness each character holds through their laughable antics. Regardless of their tumultuous relationship, Penny and Leonard are fabulous names, in and of themselves, that is based on otherwise lovely people.

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Penny may be one way to say one cent, but it is also a diminutive of the name Penelope, which means "weaver" (from Homer's "Odyssey"). Penny is a chill and independent woman who stays dedicated to her dreams, no matter how unattainable or unrealistic they may seem to others: her commitment to herself is what makes her such a strong and lovable woman.

7 The Big Bang Theory: Leonard

Despite how much BBT harps on Sheldon's intelligence, Leonard is also quite the genius. With an IQ of 173 and more social awareness than all male characters in the show combined, he is an excellent example of what it means to be brainy and brilliant. Like Penny, Leonard also chases his dreams regardless of what others tell him with his self-discipline, patience, and knowledge with a keen sense to prove himself. It helps that are many possible nicknames such as Leo and Lenny.

Regardless, Leonard embodies the meaning of his name, "lion-hearted," by daring every season to be more and more courageous. Why not prepare your child for the same kind of success, and with such an awesome name?

6 How I Met Your Mother: Marshall

For those that love stories, HIMYM is the TV show that modeled using stories to tell longer stories. While Ted is a lovely character based on a lovely name, many question his decision in the finale of the show. There are other characters to focus on that remain in relatively good taste.

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Marshall is an obvious contender: he wants nothing more than to make the world a better place, a better environment. The name means "love of horses," a bonus point for those of you with an affinity for all things equestrian, and it has many a possible nickname such as the adorable "Marshmallow."

5 How I Met Your Mother: Lily

For those of you who are devoted HIMYM fans, you know that Marshmallow is nothing without his Lilypad! Lily is perhaps one of the few female characters whose flaws continually develop but who is also so good at what she does that you cannot help but want to be like her. She is a fiercely loyal friend, an enthusiastic grade school teacher, a shopaholic, and a woman who is always going to have something necessary to say, even when those around her don't want to hear it.

In many ways, Lily exhibits the meanings of her name, which are "passion" and "pure." If you don't want to name your daughter after the flower, you could also go with something similar such as Liliana, Lilith, Lillian or Lil. How often do you meet people with these names? Not often, which makes them an ideal option.

4 Friends: Chandler

Though some say that Friends has made a comeback in recent years, others would say it never stopped being a popular classic. Chandler and Janice are two characters who contributed to the show's notoriety and who also present pleasant ideas for a baby name. Chandler can be for either a girl or a boy, as the show exemplifies, and it means "candle maker."

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The name derives from Latin where an occupation would be making candles whereas the show depicts someone who is known for making jokes. Chandler is hilarious, creative, and passionate about the happiness of those around him.

3 Friends: Janice

Janice, famous for her trademark laugh, is a character who is overall quite sweet. She is a lover of laughter and smiling and is incredibly secure in who she is as a woman.

Meaning "God is gracious," Janice is an extension of the name Jane, and the name, if not the memory of her laugh, is more than enough to make you smile.

2 Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Rosa

As one of the few comedies of today that don't debut a laugh track, Brooklyn Nine-Nine offers complex but lovable characters with less common names. The first example would be Rosa. Though Rosa exudes a hard and impenetrable exterior, her name means "rose," the exquisite and beautiful flower that is the subject of many romantic poems.

Additionally, Rosa's good qualities far outshine those that make most of the other characters shy away from her: she shows talent with her background in both ballet and policing, she shows vulnerability, and she is a perfect example of how a young woman should maintain confidence in herself and in her abilities.

1 Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Charles

Charles may not have the same self-confidence, but he is incredibly loyal, brave, and open-hearted. Like Rosa's, his name (and his lovable personality, as he might add) just flows off the tongue - and into your heart.

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