10 Beautiful Baby Names Inspired By The Weather

Finding the perfect name for your child is no easy task. The name you give them will follow them around forever. It'll be the first thing that future employers judge them by, and the name their future crushes scribble in their notebooks. Their name might also one day be paired with another's last name, after they get married. And it will definitely one day inspire their grand kids when it's time for them to name their own kids. Long story short, the name you choose for them matters.

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If you're still unsure of what to name your future kids, consider veering away from the norm and take a little inspiration from nature. The possibilities are just as unique and varied as our beautiful planet. And really, isn't that what we all want for our kids? Here's a list of beautiful baby names inspired by the weather.

10 Rain

Everyone loves rain, even people who say they don't. (And those people only hate getting drenched, unexpectedly). Rain is a cherished natural resource, earth's way of keeping us hydrated and healthy. If the earth didn't naturally redistribute our water supply, it would all eventually evaporate.

It's a great name for a child, boy or girl. Since 1880, 2,000 people have named their child Rain, whose origin is unknown. There are a few public figures named Rain. The most notable are Rain Phoenix, Veidman, and Sultanov, an actress, basketball player, and saxaphonist, respectively.

9 Aurora

Okay, so maybe Aurora is more inspired by a natural phenomenon (the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights), but it's so pretty, we had to include it. It literally means "Goddess of Dawn" which is about the most fitting description ever, given the magnificence of the the phenomenon.

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As far as its origin, Aurora is derived from Latin. And get this - there have been 52,000 Aurora's since 1880. Aside from being the name of several prominent U.S. cities, several public figures wear or have worn that moniker, as either a first or last name. The most notable appear to be Aurora Perrineau, an actress, and Valerie Anita Aurora, an activist.

8 Wendy

Parents who name their child Wendy are probably want her to be carefree, unrestricted and unburdened, going in whatever direction life takes them -- just like the wind. At least, those are the words the name Wendy inspires in us.

Wendy is of English origins. It means "adorable."  There are many public figures named Wendy. Talk show host, Wendy Williams is probably the most popular. There's also two actresses named Wendy Malick and Wendy Richard.

7 Breeze

Breeze's are calming. A welcomed relief on a hot, Sunny day. Here for a spell, and cherished every moment they're not. The name, Breeze, on the other hand, is just as rare as natural breezes occur -- just 752 people in the US named that since 1880.

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Breeze appears to have Welsh origins. It means a "soft, gentle" wind, and "an activity that is easy, not testing or difficult." Lyn Murray, born Lionel Breeze, was a composer and songwriter.

6 Storm

Storm, as a name, invokes feelings of mystery, sometimes eeriness. For all of you emo parents out there, it might be worth considering for your baby. In nature, storms demand attention, and respect too. You never know what you're going to get out of a storm, and there's nothing you can do about it.

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Storm's origins appear to be unknown. Aside from the widely known definition, storm also means a "violent assault on a fortified place" and "any adverse outburst of tumultuous force." Storm Large, a musician, is one public figure with that name.

5 Rainbow

Rainbow's are bright, fun, and inspire hope. She's the light after the storm, and the promise of a new day. She's not weighed down by life, and only does her best to help others. Parents who name their kids Rainbow probably want them associated with positivity.

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Rainbow is of English origins. It means "God's promise." Rainbow Rowell, author of the popular novel, "Fangirl," is the most notable public figure with the name Rainbow.

4 Sky

Parents who choose the name Sky probably have their babies placed on a pedestal that no one can kick them off of. As a result, Sky's probably have big dreams. They were born with dreams of shattering glass ceilings and ascending higher than the average persons.

Sky has English origins. Since 1880, over 10,000 people have been named Sky. 513 people have Sky as a last name. Of those 10,000, there are a few notable public figures named with that name. Sky Blu, for example, is a rapper. Sky Low Low was a famous wrestler.

3 Sunny

Sunny's disposition is probably unmatched. Either their parents hoped that they'd be the light to brighten up every room, or they quite literally did that, when they were born. Either way, it will be nearly impossible to not equate them with happiness and positivity.

Over 12,000 parents have chosen the name Sunny for their babies since 1880. It's origin is Indian. It means "happy" or "genial." Sunny Anderson is popular Network personality, and probably the most famous person of our time named Sunny.

2 Misty

Misty sounds like she might be sensitive, or she might just be in tune with her emotions. Either way, her moods shift like the wind. It's okay, though, because it works for her.

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As a name, Misty has Hebrew Origins. It's also incredibly popular. There have been over 85,000 people named Misty in the U.S. alone, since 1880. Misty Copeland, a ballerina, is the most famous Misty of our time.

1 Zephyr

Zephyr means "a light, refreshing wind." Zephyr is also a Greek God, of the west wind. Parents who name their baby Zephyr might be into Greek mythology, or they just like how cool the name sounds. Either works.

Since 1880, over 2,000 parents have named their kids Zephyr. As far as public figures go, Zephyr Teachout is an associate professor of Law. There's also a graffiti artist named Zephyr.


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