10 Dreamy Baby Names Inspired By The Winter Solstice

Many families recognize the winter solstice, which marks the longest night of the year and the first day of winter. There are several celebrations that honor this magical occasion that offer inspiration for parents who want to give their baby a name that pays tribute to the holiday.

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From monikers that pay homage to the winter season to names that are inspired by the heavens, this list is for parents who love celestial and natural names. These botanical names and gender-neutral choices hit several current trends as well. Please enjoy this list of 10 Dreamy Baby Names Inspired By The Winter Solstice.

10 Holly

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If you love all things winter and Christmas related then you will adore the name Holly for your little girl. It’s a festive option that pays homage to the winter solstice. The holly plant is sacred in solstice celebrations and is believed to bring good luck for the coming year.

Holly is an English name that is a nature name. Botanical monikers are becoming more and more trendy. We think that it has a timeless feel to it that will always claim a spot on the charts. Holly is the flower for December so it would be perfect for a winter baby.

9 Ash

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The yule log plays a big role in the winter solstice celebration when it is burned to ashes, inviting good fortune for the coming year. We think that Ash would make a great name for a little boy that also gives a wink to the winter solstice.

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Ash is an English name that means from the ash tree. This is another nature-inspired name that is finding a place on the charts but still manages to be distinctive. It’s a shorter version of the name Ashton, which has been gaining in popularity, thanks in part to the actor, Ashton Kutcher.

8 Ivy

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Another plant that is associated with the winter solstice is Ivy. This climbing vine is believed to bring protection and blessings. We think that it would make a beautiful name for a little girl and that she would always be a good luck charm.

Ivy is an English botanical name so it’s a great option for parents looking to give their daughter an earthy moniker. This one jumped on the charts when Beyonce and Jay-Z named their little girl Blue Ivy. Although, we like it better when it stands alone. It also gets points for being a three-letter name, which is on-trend.

7 Cole

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Cole is another name that’s inspired by the burning of the yule log in the winter solstice celebration. It has a mysterious and strong vibe that would be perfect for parents who are attracted to elemental names. We love its subtle association with fire and the winter solstice.

Cole is an English name that means swarthy, coal-black. It entered the charts in the late 1880s and didn’t see much action until it saw an uptick in the 1960s. This one has been gradually rising but it still unique enough to make your son stand out in a crowd.

6 Eira

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Looking to give your baby a winter-inspired baby name? If so, then look no further than the name Eira. We love how soft and unusual this one is. Pronounced Ay-ra, this moniker has a deep association with the winter solstice for its meaning.

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Eira is a Welsh name that means snow. How enchanting is that? According to Names.org, this rare option has only been given to 281 babies from the years 1880 to 2017. This means that it’s just waiting for someone to bring it into the spotlight. Your little girl would love to have such a distinctive name.

5 Aiden

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The winter solstice marks the longest night of the year. Parents who honor the solstice might want to give their son a celestial name to pay respect to the celebration. Aiden would be an excellent choice not only for its meaning but for its associations with the Celtic god of sun and fire.

Aiden is an Irish name that means little and fiery. This one first gained popularity in the 1990s and has been holding its place on the charts over the decades. Bright, energetic, and cheerful, Aiden is a classic choice that will never go out of style.

4 Talia

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Talia is an ethereal name that would pay tribute to the winter solstice in a big way. Spiritually-minded parents will be attracted to this one for its lovely meaning. It’s a Hebrew moniker that means gentle dew from heaven. How dreamy is that? We love that it has such a captivating definition.

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This one first entered the charts in the 1970s and has been gradually rising. Although, it’s still an uncommon choice that you don’t hear very often. Talia is a moniker that will make everyone stop and take notice of your daughter. You’d be wise to jump on this one.

3 Aster

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Another way to celebrate the winter solstice would be to name your son Aster. This moniker has astrological associations, which would pay homage to the longest night of the year. We like this one because it’s gender-neutral, which is so trendy these days. Although, it seems perfect for a little boy.

Aster is a Greek name that means star. This is another one of those names that haven’t been widely-used so it’s ripe for the picking. Your son will have a sparkling personality if you name him Aster. It’s a bold choice that has yet to find a place on the charts.

2 Seline

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If you’re looking for a winter solstice name that is inspired by the stars then the name you should consider naming your daughter Seline. This dainty spelling is a version of the name Celine, which was made famous by the singer, Celine Dion. That variation means heavenly but we like the meaning of this one a bit more.

Seline is a Latin name that means moon goddess. We can’t get over how charming and elegant this moniker is. This one entered the charts in the 1930s and didn’t see much movement until it saw a slight surge in 2018. It’s a sweet and whimsical option.

1 Aurora

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The winter solstice presents the shortest day of the year and Aurora would be an alluring option for its celestial meaning. It's a Latin name that means dawn. We love this moniker because it sounds so sophisticated and other-worldly. Your little girl will shine like a star with this name.

According to Nameberry, Aurora was the name of the Roman goddess of the sunrise whose tears transformed into the morning dew. This one is just too beautiful to pass up. You should put dibs on this one before your friends do. It would also be quite a pretty middle name.

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