10 Baby Names Inspired By The Little Mermaid

First released as an animated motion picture in 1989, The Little Mermaid tells the story of a curious mermaid named Ariel, who's obsessed with humans and their way of life. Her father, King Triton warns her of the dangers of interacting with humans, but she doesn't listen. Eventually, she falls in love (from afar) with a Prince named Eric, whom she ends up saving from drowning. Desperate to explore the land, she makes a deal with a devious woman named Ursula, who grants her the ability to go on land for three days to make the Prince fall for her. Hijinks ensue.

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The recent announcement of singer Halle Bailey assuming the role of Ariel in the upcoming live-action remake has prompted a renewed interest in the beloved film—just in time for new generation of parents to take inspiration from when it comes to naming their kids. To celebrate, here are 10 baby names inspired by The Little Mermaid.

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10  Ariel

Ariel is The Little Mermaid's central character. She is one of King Triton's seven daughters, and the central mermaid of the film. She's a kind, curious redhead, and has the voice of an angel. And though we won't spoil the ending of the movie (for the two people who may have not have seen it), we will say that she's a complete hopeless romantic.

In real life, the name Ariel appears to have Hebrew origins. It means "Lioness of God." There have been over 86,000 women named Ariel since 1880.

9 Andrina

Andrina is one of Ariel's six sisters. She's King Triton's second oldest daughter. She has golden blonde hair, and a purple tail. Overall, she has a very minor role in The Little Mermaid. In later spin-offs, she is more prominent.

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Andrina appears to be the feminine spelling of Andrew. It's origin is Greek. It's a rather rare name, despite appearing in an international film. Only 884 people have been named Andrina since 1880.

8 Triton

King Triton is Ariel's father and the ruler of the underwater city of Atlantica. Though he has good intentions for his daughter, his overbearing, restrictive rules almost prevent Ariel from pursuing her dreams of interacting with humans above.

Triton, as a name, has many meanings. Triton is the name of an ancient demigod, who rules the sea. In Greek mythology, Triton is the son of Poseidon. It's also the name of Neptune's largest moon. Since 1880, there have been over 1,000 people named Triton.

7 Eric

Prince Eric is the leading male character in The Little Mermaid. Even though he is royal in nature, he works hard and proves to be skilled in many labors. One of which includes steering ships on long voyages. Prince Eric is the man that Ariel falls in loves with, and eventually saves from drowning. He's also the person that Ariel pursues, once she's able to go on land.

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Eric has always been a pretty popular name for boys. Over 879,000 boys have been named Eric since 1880. It's origin is English. Eric means variations of the world "leader," "one ruler," and "authority."

6 Grimsby

Grimsby is Prince Eric's right hand man. He is loyal, level headed and genuinely wants the best for him. During the film, he also acts as a confidant to the Prince.

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Grimsby doesn't appear to have any origins. It's meaning is also unknown. However, there is a seaport town in North England called Grimsby.

5 Alana

Alana is one of Ariel's younger sisters. She's also the sixth youngest of King Triton. Unlike Ariel and Andrina, Alana has long, dark, curly hair. Her presence within the film is minimal at best. In later expansions of the original film, Alana does play a larger role in the overall story.

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Alana, as a name, is pretty popular for girls. Since 1880, over 55,000 sets of parents have chosen that name for their child. It is the feminine version of Alana. Alana's origin appears to be Portuguese, Hawaiian, and Latin.

4 Ursula

Ursula is the central villain of The Little Mermaid. She is an old, wretched witch who only looks out for herself. She attempts to strip Ariel of her beautiful voice forever, and also keep her as a slave. Later in the movie, Ursula disguises herself as a beautiful young woman named Vanessa in an attempt to lure Prince Eric away from Ariel.

Coincidentally, Ursula, whose origin is unknown, is an extremely unpopular name for children. Since 1880, only around 100 sets of parents have named their daughters Ursula. Maybe this new remake can help shift the tides.

3 Sebastian

Sebastian, even though he's a crab, plays a huge big role in The Little Mermaid, and gets more screen time than most of Ariel's family. Sebastian is a quick-witted crab, who the King delegates to look after Ariel and keep her out of trouble. But it soon becomes clear how fond he is of her, and how much he wants her to be happy.

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Sebastian has English origins. It means "the sublime one." Since 1880, there have been over 145,000 children named Sebastian.

2 Flounder

Flounder is Ariel's best friend in The Little Mermaid. He has a heart of gold, but is easily spooked. Despite his naturally anxious nature, he's always there for Ariel when she needs him—like any good friend would be.

Flounder isn't typically a name for humans, since it's a real species of fish. However, that hasn't stopped some forward thinking parents from naming their babies as such. Since 1880, there have been around 100 people named Flounder in the United States.

1 Athena

Athena is the mother of Ariel and the late wife of King Triton. During the beginning of the film, a flashback of Athena and Triton show the depth of their love before a tragic turn took her away. Athena has striking red hair, just like her daughter, Ariel. Because of Athena's untimely death, she doesn't get much screen time.

As a name, Athena, whose origin is Greek, is moderately popular. Over 31,000 babies have been named Athena since 1880. In Greek mythology, Athena is the goddess of useful arts and prudent warfare.


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