10 Musical Baby Names And Their Meanings

Music is an incredibly powerful medium—and songs, musicians and specific rhythms hold a special place in all of our hearts. They can remind and transport us to wonderful memories, help us cope through strenuous times, inspire us to go after our dreams and desires, or simply just make us want to jump to our feet and dance!

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So, why not use these especially meaningful musical titles to name our precious little ones!? Everyone could use a touch more music in their lives, and the same extends to toddlers. Continue reading as we share our top 10 musical baby names inspired by all things music-related along with their unique meanings.

10 Allegra

 The name Allegra originates from Italy and literally translates as 'joyful, cheerful, lively or merry.' In musical terms, the name Allegra comes from Allegro, which is defined by a 'quick and upbeat tempo.'

It is commonly associated to famous ballerina Allegra Kent and has appeared as characters' names in movies such as Allegra Cole in the 2005 romantic comedy Hitch, as well as in older novels including Edith Konecky's Allegra Maud Goldman and Victoria Holt's The Shivering Sands. Allegra brings a little bit of joy into everyday life.

9 Opus

The name Opus is typically used for boys, originates from Hebrew and translates as 'melodious or harmonious.' It can also be defined as a composer's numbered composition, or in general as an artistic work of some kind. Infamous opuses exist from legendary composers and artists such as Ludwig Van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Gustav Mahler and more!

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While Opus may not be a particularly common name in this day and age, it is one that ties back into music's classic routes.

8 Carol

The name Carol (short for Caroline) comes from the masculine Latin name Carolus, directly derived from the name Charles. Musically speaking, Carol originates from France and translates as a 'joyous song,' often heard by carolers during the festive holiday season.

The name rose in popularity during the 1940s to 1960s and has been adorned by many musicians, authors, and actresses over the decades. There are also many songs written for women named Carol including "Carol" by Chuck Berry, "Oh Carol" by Neil Sedaka, and "Oh Carol" song by Smokie.

7 Alto

The boy's name Alto refers to a musical term of Italian or Latin origin meaning 'high.' Most recognize the name as it is defined by a specific vocal range in a church choir or singing group.

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The name refers to the lowest female voice in choral music and you'll find many famous Alto singers in Hollywood including Adele, Alison Moyet, Shirley Bassey, and the late great Patsy Cline. Despite generally being considered a boy's name, Alto is largely associated with female singers.

6 Harmony

Harmony is of Greek origin and translates to mean 'a beautiful blending' or 'agreement.' In music, harmony refers to a seamless combination or composition of various sounds that occur simultaneously in different verses or chords. While the name Harmony is typically seen as feminine, in recent years it has also been used as a boy's name.

Harmony is quite a popular name and instantly brings up images of tranquility or happiness. Harmony is unity, something everyone could use in their lives.

5 Piper

Piper is a unisex name mostly used as a girl's name originating from England and Scandinavia. The name literally translates to 'a pipe or flute player' or 'leader.' Over time, we are seeing the name being used as a boy's name as well, making it incredibly versatile and unique. The name also appears in famous songs including "The Piper" by ABBA and "Piper" by Phish.

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A versatile name soaked in European folklore, Piper manages to be both modern-sounding and traditional.

4 Melody

The name Melody derives from Greece and is directly associated with the melody in a song, as well as singing and chanting. Musically speaking, it is a composition of musical notes and tones that a listener will identify as an individual, fully-formed rhythm. Melody also appears as a common name among stars, including singer and dancer Melody Thornton of The Pussycat Dolls, and Melody, a famous Japanese pop star.

Does another name exist so obviously associated with music? Melody is music.

3 Reed

Reed can be both masculine or feminine, however, the name is more commonly associated with boys. Reed derives from Old English to describe someone with red hair or a reddish complexion. A reed is also used in many woodwind instruments including the clarinet, saxophone, bassoon and more.

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A reed is a thin wooden strip usually used against the instrument's mouthpiece to produce a sound via vibration. Some instruments require more than one reed to vibrate against each other, which produces the instrument's beautiful sound.

2 Viola

Viola derives from the Latin name Violet, the flower. In music, the viola is a bowed string instrument that is a bit larger than a violin. Despite the similarities to the classical instrument, the viola produces a deeper sound resting somewhere between the range of a violin and the cello. The name Viola also appears in William Shakespeare's comedy entitled Twelfth Night as the name of the main protagonist.

Associated with mother nature and music, Viola offers two meanings for the price of one.

1 Apollo

Many may recognize this boy's name as the name of a Greek God. Derived from ancient Greek mythology, Apollo was the God of music, song, poetry, oracles, healing and the arts. It was said that the God Apollo's music was captivating and alluring, healing others who were enduring pain while leading others into song and dance.

There are stories of him winning musical contests and often performing at the marriages of other deities. Who wouldn't want to name their baby after a legendary musical God?

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