Baby Names Of Latin Orgin You'll Love For A Lifetime

There are many milestones that come with becoming a mother or father. Some of these include finding out you are expecting a new addition to your family, changing your eating habits, and changing your daily activities in order to cut out things that might be potentially harmful to the little prince or princess that is growing inside of you.

Other things such as the ones I have listed above are making your home baby friendly, planning out how you and your mate are going to raise your future son or daughter, and what important life lessons you will want to teach him or her over the years.

Another change that is made during this time is how much time you and the baby’s father spend thinking about the child. Suddenly, they are not just worrying about themselves, what they are going to do after work, what they plan to do on the weekend, etc. Now, there is a whole new person to think about.

Expectant mothers usually begin to wonder about everything they eat and drink. They think about whether or not what they are about to consume is healthy for the little boy or girl they are about to have.

On top of all of these monumental changes that happen when a woman is pregnant, usually the mother and father-to-be wonder who their child will be when we or she is born. Additionally, until they find out the sex of the child during a prenatal appointment (or birth, if they choose to wait), they wonder whether they need to come up with a boy name or a girl name. In that case, here are a few Latin names you will love for a lifetime.

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15 Anthony 

When it comes to names that have a Latin origin, there is no shortage to choose from when naming your little girl or boy. Some of them are quite well known, while others have not yet become quite as popular.

However, while we are on the topic of names that most of us know, let’s discuss this great name for boys. Anthony is a wonderful Latin name with backgrounds in many areas of the world.

More specifically, this name has American, English, Greek, and Latin history behind it. The Latin meaning of the name is “highly praiseworthy.” Also, this is a form of the name Antony, which was the last name of Mark Antony. History knows Mark Antony as a Roman general who ruled the land of ancient Egypt with Queen Cleopatra. So, not only is this name easy to pronounce, but it also has an interesting story behind it.

14 Arabella

Perhaps one of the biggest decision makers when it comes to choosing a name for your baby is how unique it is or is not. However, sometimes parents pick a common name and put their own spin on it.

The Latin name Arabella tends to fall into this category. It is related to a very popular name, Isabella, and it is most commonly used to name little baby girls. The original Latin meaning of this name is something similar to “prayerful.”

This name has many different spelling variations. Some of these include Ara, Arabel, Arabelle, Bella, and Bell. Others are Arabel, Arabela, and Orabella.

Popularity wise, this name has been on a study uphill climb since the year 2000. If you want to give your little girl a Latin name that both sounds pretty and is very unique from the rest, this is definitely an option to consider.

13 Atticus

Sometimes, when men and women think about naming their future little children, they consider naming them after people they know, and people who have had a huge impact on their lives. Other times, they choose to name their boys and girls something more original, like a combination of different names or words.

However, something else some parents tend to consider when naming their baby is fictional characters. Sometimes we like certain film, television, and book characters so much (or just the names of them) that we choose to name our children after them.

Atticus falls into this category. This name not only has a Latin background, but it is also a major piece of history when it comes to the world of fiction.

Atticus Finch is a famous character that is featured in the book “To Kill a Mockingbird,” by author Harper Lee. This name is also shared by the character Atticus Shane in the television series “Vampire Diaries.”

12 Bennett

Some names just automatically give you a certain image of a person before you even meet him or her. Because of this, it is natural to want to give your baby a name that sounds noble, intelligent, and other complementary things.

Many of the names I have mentioned so far on this list are great for those reasons. The next one I am about to discuss is not an exception to that situation.

Bennett is another wonderful Latin name. The coolest part about this one is that, while it is mainly a name for little boys, you can also give it to a girl as well.

In its original Latin form, it means “blessed,” and “little blessed one.” So if you and your spouse would like to give your child a slightly spiritual name with a Latin background, you absolutely cannot go wrong with Bennett.

11 Bianca

The last few names I have discussed sound a bit classic, and they are great choices for those who would like to give their children Latin names. Now, what I am about to talk about is a name that is more recent, and fits in quite well with current name trends because it has such a modern edge to it.

Bianca is a pretty cool Latin name for little girls. It is not something you hear every day, and it does not sound like anything else.

However, while it is a very unique name, it comes from a different name that has been around for quite some time. Bianca is similar to Blanca, which is also a pretty cool name in my opinion.

Both of these names were formed from Blanche. Blanche was a royal name in France, then it was brought into England.

10 Blaze

So far, the names on this list are somewhat common. Some are more common than others, but we still hear them on occasion nonetheless.

However, sometimes we just hear some odd, weird names that stick out to us. Sometimes these make us think “wow, that would be really cool for my child to have.”

Blaze is one of those names. It is a Latin name that entered the list of the most popular baby names in the year 1990. Though it has not been very popular, it reached its peak last year.

Though this is primarily a name for boys, it can be used for little girls as well. The name means “stutter” in Latin. Additionally, in case you have not guessed this yet, it is associated with flames.

There are some pretty cool spelling variations of this name, some of which include Blaize, Blasien, and Blaise. Others include Blasius, Blayze, and Biagio, as well as Biaggio.

9 Carla

Some names are mainly meant for girls. Others are aimed towards boys. Then there are the cool ones that sit in between both of those and can be fit for both girls and boys.

In addition to those names, there are also the names that have been formed over time from older ones that were originally meant for children of the opposite sex. The name I am about to talk about is definitely a good choice for your little girl, and it is a Latin name that falls into that last category.

Carla is a very well known, popular Latin name for little girls. But here is an interesting fact I bet some of you did not know previously: it came from the predominantly male name Carl. In Latin, it is said to mean “man,” and “strong one.” Carla currently takes the 436th spot on the most used baby names list.

8 Campbell

Many of the most popular names have become so loved because they have stood the test of time. What I mean by that is, much of what we have to choose from when naming our babies are the same names that were around years ago, such as Elizabeth, Sarah, etc.

The next name I am about to discuss has definitely been around for awhile. In fact, it has served as both a last name and a popular first name for quite some time.

Campbell is one of those names that not only has been on the popularity charts for years, but it has also been used to name little girls and little boys because it fits well with both sexes. Though, in its Latin background, it is meant mostly for young male children.

While this is a Latin name, it does have other origins as well. Campbell, in Latin, means “beautiful field.” In its Scottish form, it means “crooked mouth.”

7 Carmen

Throughout this list, I have discussed the origin and history of some of the most lovely Latin names. However, some of them have more than just one background, as they are widely known all around the world.

The next name I about to talk about is no different. Also, not only does it sound nice, but it has a spiritual connection as well.

Carmen, though it has histories with other cultures as well, is a beautiful Latin name that is primarily used for little baby girls. It has been on a steady climb on the popularity charts since the 1800’s, and there is not sign yet of it becoming less popular.

Carmen was originally a Spanish form of the word “carmel,” and it was influenced by the Latin word carmen, which means “song.” The spiritual connection the name has is involved with the Virgin Mary, because she is often referred to as “Saint Mary of Mount Carmel.”

6 Damon

Some of the names on this list don’t have a lengthy history, if any at all, but they still sound cool and make awesome baby name ideas. Others have a great amount of history behind them, making each of them all the more likely to be chosen when we are picking out name options for our future children.

The name Damon is not terribly common, but it does sound like a great name. On top of that, it is easy to spell and it is not hard to pronounce either.

In its original Latin form, this name is thought to mean something along the lines of “spirit,” or “demon.” However, don’t let that discourage you from giving this name to your baby.

It has a better meaning in other cultures. In fact, this name also has a Greek background. In Greek, it means “constant,” as well as “loyal.” This name also has ties with Hollywood, due to the actor Matt Damon.

5 Diana

As I stated in an earlier paragraph, some of the most popular names are also the ones who have been around for years. These are the names that began to make themselves known centuries ago, and still stand strong today.

One of these names is Diana. This is a name that many of us have heard throughout our lifetimes, whether it’s the name of a friend, a family member, or that of a famous person.

While this name, as well as some of the others so far on this list, does not really sound Latin, it definitely does have a Latin history. A roman goddess was named Diana, and she was associated with hunting, the moon, and virginity. This name is also famous because of the late Princess Diana.

This goddess was also known to be a protector of wild animals, and she is often depicted as a very beautiful being. This is yet another Latin name you’ll love for a lifetime!

4 Dominic

Previously, I discussed the name Diana and how it is a timeless, classic name for female children. However, this next name I am about to discuss is a name of similar popularity that is mainly chosen for boys. With that being said, you might also want to consider it for your little girl, as well.

While this name has Latin origins, it also is well known in other areas of the world, too. The name Dominic has histories with Austria, France, Germany, and Ireland. It is also known in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Seychelles.

In its Latin form, this name means “Lord,” as well as “belonging to God.” It currently holds the 678th spot on the list of most popular baby names. Dominic is a great choice if you want to give your little boy a Latin name.

3 Elyse

Some of the names on this list stand on their own. They are complete and original, while others are creative spinoffs of other names that we know and love.

The name I am going to talk about now is no different. It comes from a very popular name we have all heard for many years.

The name Elyse came from another very much used name, Elizabeth. However, while its predecessor has numerous backgrounds, this name is has a very Latin history.

Elyse sports both a Latin and a Hebrew history, and it is associated with oath. The original meaning of the name is similar to “God is my oath.”

There are also many alternative versions to this name. These include Alyssa, Eilish, Eleisa, Elisa, Elisah, Elisee, Elisia, Eliza, Elle, and Ellie. They also include Ellsa, Ellse, Ellsee, and Ellsey. This name is currently in the top 49% of popular names in the United States.

2 Emily

Many of the names on here have been very unique, as well as easy to pronounce and to remember. However, some of these names are very common, meaning that many men and women love them and have chosen to give those names to their young boys and girls.

The next name on the list is perhaps one of the prettiest and most common names for a girl. Because it is well known and used often, it seems that this name will not become any less trendy anytime soon.

The name Emily is popular around the world. In fact, it has been at the top on the list of popular baby names for many years.

Emily is a name that comes from Aemilia, which was derived from a Roman family’s last name, Aemilius. In its Latin form, it means “rival.” This name also has backgrounds in America, Germany, Australia, and China.

1 Gloria

All of the names on this list are great choices for a child. There are many names on here that are bold and meaningful for boys, as well as for girls. Then there are some that are completely unique and original.

The last name on this list is a wonderful choice if you are looking for a Latin name for your future little princess. Not only does it have a good meaning behind it, but it is also a name that is somewhat well known.

Mostly used for little girls, Gloria originated as a Latin-American name. Perhaps the meaning of it is apparent, but if you did not previously know the meaning behind it, in its Latin-American form, it means “glory.”

Additionally, there are many famous women who share this name. These include Gloria Steinem, Gloria Vanderbilt, and Gloria Gaynor.

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